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AI controlled air running out of fuel?


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Issue Information
Issue ID #000166
Issue Type Issue
Severity 4 – High
Status 11 – Cannot Reproduce
Version 2016.010
Fixed in
AI controlled air running out of fuel?
Posted by CV32 on 12 November 2016 - 12:37 PM

Noticed that AI controlled aircraft seem to be dropping out of the sky without my involvement.


Also noticed (may or may not be related) that player controlled aircraft were not reporting low fuel until <10% remaining.


Savegame attached is from Backyard I, Westpac. Stock HCDB 150928.



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Now that I think about it, my hypothesis is that this issue only occurs on scenarios made before the latest patch, as I can reproduce this issue on the old legacy BattleSet scenarios from the 1980s in 2019.002. I cannot reproduce this problem on a simple scenario, but I'll have to investigate further. It makes me wonder if there was anything regarding air patrols (or auto formation ones) that was changed between 2015.027 and today that might be causing the problem...

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Much has changed about air patrols...

The hint about scenarios built in older versions is intriguing, do you have an earlier operable scenario editor to try crafting a simple scenario that you then load up into the newest game engine?  If not, I can throw a simple scenario together.

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