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Formation air patrols "created" by the Game Engine


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  • Issue ID #000079
  • Issue Type Issue
  • Severity 0 – None Assigned
  • Status 90 – Not an Issue
  • Version 2014.010
  • Fixed in 2014.010




Formation air patrols "created" by the Game Engine
Posted by broncepulido on 19 July 2014 - 11:17 PM
Testing my own finished Manila Galleon 1988 scenario, I saw an issue almost detected in other scenarios not designed by me, when I asked myself how someone can design strange and many AEW patrols with helicopters devoid of radar. As this was designed by me, I did some research on it and clearly:

- In the Peleliu and Trípoli groups, the formation editor creates, show and operates a lot of AEW patrols with 1xAssault helicopters each, never created with the formation editor when designing the scenario.

- The concrete patrols are of 1xCH-53E or 1xCH-46E with Assault loadouts, or 1xUH-1N with Patrol loadout.

- Playing the Red side and using the cheat mode, I observe the same AEW patrols in the Blue side played by the AI.

You can see with the Scenario Editor as the patrols are not created on the scenario, but they are created and formed just at the scenario start.

- The patrols are not formed if CH-53E is changed to Ferry loadout and CH-46E and UH-1N are changed to Cargo loadout.




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