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Beyond bingo AI intercepts

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Beyond bingo AI intercepts
Posted by Grumble on 14 September 2013 - 01:24 PM
AI is scrambling (but aggressively :), finally we can say this :D) a/c-s to targets well over the interceptor's range.
Actually I would prefer AI to calculate even with wider than before margin, i.e. to only scramble for targets well within range, the interceptor should have enough combat fuel left when reaching the target (or a handy tanker up his sleeves).
Hmm, now that I think about this ... this might be more complex than I thought, preferably AI would need to react differently to loitering and closing contacts, also uncertain contacts are different ball game.

Here is HDS7 5.0, AI is scrambling <500nm mission radius Mig23s to 650-700nm targets, unless these Floggers are solar powered they will not make it. And it keeps sending them turn after turn.
I checked turncoated bda-red.hpc for red groups target id and contact info. It had exact fix on my planes through the now extinct ZSS and ZRS groups, so it knew their range.
It's craving should be curbed. :)





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