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Closing to next AAM range

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  • Issue ID #000052
  • Issue Type Issue
  • Severity 0 - None Assigned
  • Status UNFILED
  • Version 2009.094
  • Fixed in


Closing to next AAM range
Posted by Grumble on 21 September 2013 - 01:29 PM
Closing to next AAM range would be a wonderful feature,
(See how happy I was when I stumbled into it: Tony's revamped Game Engine #25)
turns out it's in the GE, but it does not work consistently, could say as illusive as Bigfoot. (But I've seen it I swear! :))

It happened just after I saved the attached file:
  • I press [F1] Attack for DRA
  • Target list pops up with TRA preselected
  • and a soon as I accept TRA pressing OK,
    • before or simultaneously to the Weapon Selection popup opening
    • (turns out TRA is within Sparrow range despite it being displayed outside of the range ring, so I get the popup)
  • the message "Closing to next AAM range" is displayed in the log window
  • and a course is plotted for DRA for a Python range intercept
  • the Weapon selection popup is still open at this time
So it happened two times for me in quick succession but now I can't reproduce even with this lucky 1 second save file.

Pretty please, make this work! :)




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