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GE allows launching AAMs on target without exact fix


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Issue Information


  • Issue ID #000017
  • Issue Type Issue
  • Severity 0 - None Assigned
  • Status 10 - Confirmed
  • Version 2009.076
  • Fixed in


GE allows launching AAMs on target without exact fix
Posted by Grumble on 09 May 2013 - 11:00 AM
When a target is in range of an AAM the GE allows launch on target without exact fix.
This is regardless of guidance type, so IR, SARH and Active Homing, etc., all affected.
The attacking a/c (well, the attacking side) should have exact fix before allowed to launch,
currently the "Should we attempt to locate ..." SA message is only triggered if the target is out of range of the AAM.

Expected behavior:
GE should always prompt attacker first to locate target if there is no exact fix on it.
[ Hopefully the "Should we attempt to locate" case is coded for the AI side otherwise fixing this issue would make the AI less potent in defending itself.
However currently the AI probably enjoys unfair advantage too, it was reported on the forum that Mig31s are launching long range AAMs on F-22s when those are too far away to have exact fix on the stealth a/c (unconfirmed). ]

Sequence to reproduce:
  • Load original GIUK user scenario nofix.sc1
  • Turn off Kinloss base radar and launch Tornado F3 patrol to Cape Wrath.
    (savegame nofixF3.hp1)
  • Turn on Tornado radar when onsta to locate Tu-95 loitering North of Cape Wrath.
  • The Tornado will loose fix on the Bear as it turns South while loitering
    (savegame nofixF3nofix.hp1)
  • Order the Tornado to attack the Bear, GE allows launch of Skyflash and Sidewinders without exact fix.
  • Restart or order the Tornado home and launch F-14s to patrol over the Norwegian sea, halfway to Faroe Islands. There is an uncertain Recon Bear contact over the Islands.
    (savegame nofixF14.hp1)
  • Order the Tomcat to attack the Recon Bear when still more than 110nm away from the Islands.
    GE correctly prompts player to "Locate..."
  • Send the Tomcat further North
    (savegame nofixF14inrange.hp1)
  • Attack the Bear again, GE allows launch without exact fix if the Bear is in range of the Phoenixes.
Attached the scenario and the savegames.



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