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HDS3 range circles off by 10%


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  • Issue ID #000029
  • Issue Type Issue
  • Severity 0 - None Assigned
  • Status 10 - Confirmed
  • Version 2009.084
  • Fixed in


HDS3 range circles off by 10%
Posted by Grumble on 16 July 2013 - 12:53 AM
Range circles in HDS3 are displayed 10% shorter than the nominal value.
This does not seem to effect the game mechanics, for example AAM attacks are made from the true possible distance, but the display shows that AAMs are fired when the target is still outside of the AAM range circle.

First I spotted only the AAM discrepancy but click-measuring easily shows that all circles are off.
E.g. clicking the opposite edges of
  • Phoenix AAM range circle: 199-200nm (expected 2x110nm)
  • F-14D AS radar: 326-330nm (expected 2x180nm)
  • Kirov's SA-N-6: 89-90nm (expected 2x50nm)
This can be tested in any HDS3 scenario but
attached a simple user scen. and savefile with loitering F-14 and F-15.

Should not forget, crosschecked with HDS1, there range circles are displayed true to size.




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