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GE - Fix formation station-keeping


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Issue Information


  • Issue ID #000057
  • Issue Type Issue
  • Severity 0 - None Assigned
  • Status 10 - Confirmed
  • Version 2009.097
  • Fixed in


GE - Fix formation station-keeping
Posted by TonyE on 02 October 2013 - 11:13 AM
The inability of group members to properly keep their stations in formation is a long-standing and well-known issue. Time to take another look at it and see what can be done.

To investigate:
* Station keeping in groups that have paths defined in the SE and remain untouched in the GE.
* Station keeping in groups with no path and speed set.
* Station keeping in groups that are moving at Flank speed.
* Station keeping in groups at 5kts/creep.
* Station keeping in groups that are composed of units split from other groups.
* Station keeping in groups that are the result of joining multiple groups together.



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