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Mk2 Eagle Eye - 40nm visual detection of GBU/SDB/PGM


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  • Issue ID #000077
  • Issue Type Issue
  • Severity 0 - None Assigned
  • Status 10 - Confirmed
  • Version 2014.010
  • Fixed in


Mk2 Eagle Eye - 40nm visual detection of GBU/SDB/PGM
Posted by Grumble on 15 July 2014 - 01:43 AM
Linked to the Mk1 there is one other complication
PGMs as Brad pointed out are supposed to be immune to AAM/SAM, they got very low RCS like the 6 for GBU-53 SDB II, to ensure this, but they are still being intercepted by AAM and SAM.

Most GBUs have "High" max altitude and so these fly to target on High, I guess they are detected visually, as per 5.4.2.

Radar log shows that radar detection is indeed impossible, in the first detection cycle missile is "not detected", but in the second cycle they are already "not detected" by radar, but also "Target was previously tracked".

In the attached save game, 2x2 F-35B is ready to drop GBUs on SAM sites, but all 32 of them is going to be shot down.
Switching to red side (044 red.hpm), Staff Assistant reports the visual detection indeed.

Probably gliders should be exempted from under 5.4.2,
or a workaround could be to update GBUs max altitude to medium in the DB.



044 bombsaway.zip

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