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Merry Christmas!


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The theme of my wishlist (which combines Christmas and my upcoming January birthday) was time-savers.


Walt (>18 mo,


Revamping the home media solution is the first time saver, friends and family gifted me almost all of the pieces for us to move from HD Homerun + Plex + Windows Media Center (main floor), Amazon fire tv stick (upstairs), and Roku (basement) to a pure HD Homerun + Plex + Roku environment. This should greatly reduce the support calls from Mel as it will be the same interface on each device and a single remote at each TV location.


Second is laying the groundwork for better remote administration of a couple of client networks. They need new firewalls to reduce the risk of today's threats and I'll be beefing up the central administration and reporting so that I spend less time switching between environments and tools. Unfortunately for economy that also means stepping up to enterprise wireless access points where firmware updates are more regular and dependable. Spendy, but in terms of support cost, well worth the expense.


And some fun items like a Pixhawk controller and GPS so that I can finally build an autonomous ground vehicle (read first generation Traxxas e-Maxx) or boat. I want to start with the e-Maxx then hope for the second generation to be a solar-powered boat that lives on a lake until someone steals it (complete with camera and cellular connection to keep me clued in to where on the lake it goes and what it sees).

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