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Stalintc's Wish List


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1 - Better and more automated AI routines for plotting ASW searches and sonobouy drops, types of attack on surface targets.


Basically outlining to the AI what you want it to do and it then makes its own courses and decisions on how to carry out that order. For example expand the attack order so that there a few types of attack that the AI can plot *pop up* *pincer* *offset* etc etc. Also with regards to ASW you can tell it to do MAD runs and it will plot them or sonobouy drops and it plots them it a pattern you can specify, or of your own choice from a list.


2 - Time delays for ships changing course. (I still think it is weird how ships change direction instantly.)


3 - The ability to view the contents of a ships magazine without having to open the PE.

Simply because I see no reason why a player should even need to jump to the PE to view anything when this can be displayed in the GE itself, it is a drag to keeping looking up each vessel in the DB to see what it has and then double check after you forget.


4 - Proper countermeasure modelling for ALL unit types which can carry them.


5 - Land elevation data and its effect on radars and return signatures. (So aircraft can fly low and actually use terrain elevation as an advantage when their weapons dont permit stand off)

This I feel would make a HUGE difference to the way the air war is currently played out it would allow a player or the AI to tactically use the terrain to its advantage and would be greatly helpful to a side which is outnumbered and outclassed, allowing tactics to prevail as much technology


- Ever been in the situation where you are prevented from waging a good SEAD strike because you cant get close enough to the target without being shot at? or you want to increase the PK of your missiles by reducing the distance they have to travel and vulnerable to AA fire. With good terrain modelling you can use it to hide aircraft from radars at low level and get inside the weapon engagement zone of SAMs and attack them more effectivley with pop up attacks.


- Currently it is not very workable to attempt to attack aircraft very well with their radars on and longer range missiles than yourself, while this sounds correct which it is for the most part, these battles can also be won with superior tactics if the land was able to help sheild CAP patrols from radar signals which is refferred to as AMBUSH CAP and it also allows fighters to sneak around an incoming attack and take them from behind their radar cone.


- Didnt see that coming did you? one of your bases\ships just got struck by AI that was using the terrain to stay out of your radars, a hole you failed to plug. Imagine being able to do that yourself and defeat the odds stacked against your attacking aircraft?! cool huh..


- Hide your ships\patrol craft from radars using a peninsula and ambush them when they come into range of your own weapons, use other units to pin down their location and fire BOL only to slip away before they realise.


- We have land units now dont we? of course we do and would it be fantastic if those were also difficult to find because a radar cant sweep over them or other ground units dont have LOS.


6 - Ability to aquire water depth data from a single mouse click (display by the range and grid coords..) GRANTED!


7 - Scale colouring for water based on depth.


8 - Torpedo search patterns on reaching activation point.


9 - AI aircraft that understand missiles are dangerous and attempt to run and outmanuver incomings, insted of charging fiercly into the fray.


10 - Enemy AI that does not send planes charging through SAM sites to get to your shipping and other assets and understands to try to avoid contact.


11 - Enemy AI that understands a basic concept of recon and attempts to find enemys without using preplotted routes by a scen designer.


12 - Mines that are actually mines not submarine objects as placeholders.


13 - Game launcher that allows hot swapping of DB's


14 - Larger formation rings for those long range BARCAPs


15 - Simple set of drawing tools, to place lines\circles\sqaures\text onto the map to aid in planning, marking CAP zones, marking up contacts about to be lost etc etc etc


16 - Animations for hitting land targets.


17 - Animations for torpedos hitting ships.


18 - Animations for point defence and gun fighting.


19 - Unit window that zooms out further. GRANTED!


20 - Tactical pause at the BEGINNING of each scenario when it is loaded for the first time. NOT after a save or DURING the scenario. GRANTED!

This would allow a player upon loading a scenario to survey the land\sea, what assets are where, plot CAP,AEW,ASW and plot initial formation orders etc etc, insted of being thrown right in and scrabbling to get a physical picture of WHAT is WHERE, while the OOB is very helpful it does not give a physical picture in terms of the map of where assets are located without letting the clock tick.


I personally believe this would be a very important feature when loading a large scenario where you are tasked with co-ordinating alot of platforms from the very start. At least then it would be possible to "get the ball rolling" in terms of launching rotational duties like CAP,ASW,AEW etc etc routing and so on. While I do agree with the point "Well the AI does not have this luxury" in retrospect it does have the luxury since it can think much faster than the human player regardless of how many units it has.


I am not suggesting that this be added for returning to a SAVE game or DURING the scenario, simply at the very start before any clocks start ticking, once the clock starts thats it time up, because I do very much agree with the point that in war there is no such thing as a pause, but we must also consider, what was happening before the scenario got loaded? did redfor and bluefor just wake up one day at the same time not knowing what the hell was going on and just decide to launch some random crap?


21 - Force Reload Key combo

For those situations where reload just doesnt happen, much like with air to air refuelling.


Also would come in very handy if you wanted to ensure the mounts were full ready for the next engagement if you knew you had time


22 - SM2 and alike air and sea capable weapons to be able to engage both target types, not just air

A severe limitation in weapons deployment in some scenarios, while I agree AAW is its most useful aspect, it does have its uses in surface combat, which I have come across and been a little annoyed at not being able to use

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Comrade Commissar, is not your wish #3 already possible from the unit detail window?




I am afraid it is not, you can only see the currently loaded ammunition available for immediate firing, you cannot see what the ship has below decks to reload into that position.


I was informed by CV32 that I needed to enter the PE to view that info, and boy was I surprised to see how many shells and torpedos some of my ships had below decks waiting to reload.


I see what you mean though :)

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22 - SM2 and alike air and sea capable weapons to be able to engage both target types, not just air

A severe limitation in weapons deployment in some scenarios, while I agree AAW is its most useful aspect, it does have its uses in surface combat, which I have come across and been a little annoyed at not being able to use


Not to second guess you, but I'd venture to say what you're aiming at here is better AI decision making about when to use SAMs in the SSM attack role. The problem right now is that an AI ship will empty its SAM cells trying to kill a player ship in range (and SAMs used in the SSM attack role typically have small DP values, so the AI will use plenty of them). The number of potential scenarios and circumstances where an AI ship will need its SAMs for air defense continue to far outweigh those limited number of situations where SAMs might be needed to attack ships.

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