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Wow, February seems to be the lucky month for the Harpoon community.

2 new sites to support our hobby. Such an embarrassment of riches.


WarfareHQ.com is the latest site to host a dedicated Harpoon discussion section and File Archive. Players and designers can also post their scenarios, databases, After-Action Reports, and any other manner of files to the File Archives. All versions of computer Harpoon and even the paper rules may be discussed.


On a personal note, the number of different sites is not meant as competition with one another but is only meant to give us another place to discuss Harpoon and Harpoon-related topics. I will be joining and supporting any site that hosts Harpoon discussion and encourage everyone else to do the same.

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The War-Forums have a great Harpoon section (and a great moderator ;) ), but also plenty of other discussion on other war games/sims. Some of them, like TacOps, have been used in complementary fashion with Harpoon to stage some pretty amazing PBEM (play by e-mail) and MBX (Mail Battle Exercise) war games.

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This is a bit off topic, so please bear with me.


I just felt I should post a simple note of thanks to Herman Hum for all that he has done of late, including his work on ScenShare, Files Of ScenShare, at the War-Forums, and just generally in our Harpoon community. Herman is an asset to this community, no doubt about it, and deserves a great deal of respect and thanks for all of his hard work to promote the enjoyment of this sim. He's not in it for himself, and it shows.


Thanks, Herman. Keep up the great work. It will not go unnoticed. ;)

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