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File Name: SimPlot

File Submitter: kmart494

File Submitted: 13 Nov 2015

File Category: Application/Tools/Mods/Docs



SimPlot (simple plotter) provides Harpoon4 players with the ability to add, delete, modify, and move Harpoon units using a graphical environment. Even a background map can be used to increase scenario realism (although a map is not required). See the SimPlot Readme pdf file for instructions on how to use the program.


A copy of The Admiralty Trilogy Harpoon4 paper rules are required to use SimPlot to its fullest potential.


The program is available for Windows only, and has been tested on Vista and Win7.




Click here to download this file

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Uploaded SimPlot v1.6.0.0.


I have added the ability to delete and preserve a unit. Units that are preserved will stop all movement and can no longer be modified. The last location and movement track for preserved units will still be visible (using the new "Deleted Units" status bar button at the bottom of the window).


I have also added a Units menu in the menu bar. You will now have the option to use either the function keys or the menu bar to add units, modify units, change perception, range circles, ESM/SONAR bearings, and delete units.


Old scenario files will not work with v1.6.0.0. If you want to use them, there is a simple fix. For each unit in the scenario file, locate the text line of the unit definition (the line begins with the unit id). Add "|False" to the end of each unit definition line and that should work.


If there are any problems, please let me know. Happy Harpooning!

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Uploaded SimPlot v1.6.2.0.


I added an ability to scroll the screen with keyboard arrows. I also fixed an ESM/sonar bearing line display problem that was revealed during a multiplayer game. A very minor problem with the Units menu item was also fixed.


This version will use v1.6.0.0 scenario files without modification.



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Uploaded SimPlot v1.6.2.1.


I fixed a problem of an incorrect ESM/sonar bearing count in the player save files. Both players had the same line count even if one player did not have any bearings. That in turn caused the range circle data (next in line) to not load correctly.


I apologize for the recent rapid-fire updates to bug fixes, but current multiplayer game play has revealed problems that I could not see before. Many of the issues are minor, but with the imminent publication of my SimPlot article in Naval Sitrep #50 I needed to get SimPlot in good working order.



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