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The "overflow" error may occurs when someone use editor under non-English system.

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I'm a Chinese player, and I got a copy of the database editor from TonyE(thank you!).

But when I try to import the database into the editor, it crashed. And there was a pop-up messagebox on the screen which says "error 6: overflow!"

After conducted several tests, I found the problem occurred only when you are using a non-english system.

Here's the reasonable explanation:(I will take the Chinese edition of win7 into example)

There's a bug about the unicode between different language: If you're using the Chinese system and there exist some special terms of english words, such as 's, 'v, 'd and so on, the system will translate the terms into a less Chinese letter such as 暰幮咱乽嵟廔抯娍背开俣乿傪.

I viewed the code of editor in VB mode and founde the ReadInteger() is designed as a function that can only read a 2-bytes value. As we all know, a english letter occupy 2 bytes while a Chinese letter will occupy 4 bytes.

So when the editor read data from the the .dat files, the "overflow" error will occur where the Chinese letter stands.


So I changed the unicode option in win7 system to "English(US)", and there were no error anymore.

I write this to strongly recommend the non-english players to change their unicode option to English before you use the editor.

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