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I just figured out how to create programming events for run-time controls (text boxes, buttons, etc.). Only a day too late! :P I changed the ESM/Sonar form to incorporate an event that will clear the row of text boxes when you select "None" from the type column. Also, I modified the range circle form to look more like the ESM/Sonar form. Both forms will be limited to 9 rows for circles or bearings (I am using a single digit index number that allows me to identify the correct control for the events). I hope 9 will be enough.


I need to work on a map making tutorial and update the Readme file.


I am also thinking about how to create dynamic scenario files. The files would be script-like and would inform SimPlot on how to create the first turn setup. Imagine being able to create random start points for units, or random unit types and names. The idea is to allow the creation of scenarios that more closely resemble the published paper-rules scenarios.

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Are you thinking of adding some kind of log or replay to review an scenario?


I mean when you save a scenario been played, all units that were deleted (usually destroyed) are lost, and there is no way to recreate their tracks or movement, so I wonder if there is a way to make units invisible/visible to the referee when needed instead of just hitting the supr button and totally eliminate them.


Thank you.

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During the course of a game, I save a new file every Tactical Turn. I use file names such as "turn0930.txt" to keep track of the turns. I am thinking about having SimPlot automatically create that kind of file name every time Save is selected by the player. Also, the program could provide the option for auto saves at the end of every turn.


I will think about how to preserve deleted units. I suppose I could put them in a separate collection of units while the program is running, but ultimately the unit info will have to be saved in the scenario file. I have to find a way to keep it separate.


I am also playing around with a new "unit" type. I am talking about a generic unit similar to a Reference Point. But, I call it "CAP Station." The CAP will be a rally point for air units, for whatever purpose you need (simulated refueling, initial points, or actual Combat Air Patrol). The CAP can be stationary or move with respect to a selected unit (such as a rally point for carrier launched airpower, or as a helo scouting station). For now I have the unit on screen using an infinity-looking symbol. The CAP will stay at a true relative bearing and distance from a moving unit, even when the ship changes course. I am also experimenting with "behavior" for units assigned to a CAP station (such as staying at the CAP even if it moves).

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My experiment with CAP Stations is mostly a success. I have aircraft and helicopter units programmed to move to a targeted CAP and stay with it (until their target is changed). But, if a CAP is created after an existing air unit that becomes assigned to it, the behavior can be strange. The problem is the order of movement. All units are in a collection, and unit movement is executed "from the top." The last units created will move last. So, the CAP function works best when the CAP moves first, then the air unit has to catch up to it. Otherwise, the air unit gets close, but will not be on top of it.


The inspiration for the CAP comes from the Dance of the Vampires I AAR. The NATO player made heavy use of CAP stations, and I wanted to emulate that in SimPlot.


I will upload version 1.5.1 soon. I have to test a few more things and update the Readme file.

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