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Missiles ROF and targetting

Steve Caruthers

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Hi boys, I have another question for you experts.

My question is about the rules for launching missiles from a ship.
The manual (i refer to H.3 annex 1990-91, but you can answer also referring th H.4 paper rules) says that the general procedure stipulates that a ship may engage:
- As many targets as it has directors (so one target per director)
- Weapons without directors, may engge only one target for the turn (Although they may fire Opinions more than one weapon per turn at the target (apart Aegis exception)
- Unless otherwise Stated in the remarks, each weapon (except guns) may fire only one round (missile, torpedo) for tube (...)
So, if I understand, for example, a ship that has:
(4) 2 Mk 141 Harpoon (so without director..) i.e. 4 x 2 mounts Mk.141 launchers Harpoon, can launch (if alls bear to the target) 8 missiles to turn but, only against one target ?
So, i.e. (2) 2 MM40 Exocet that means she may fire four missiles for turn against one target.
Only if a weapon has two directors can shoot at two targets ... is that it?
I.e. canadian Iroquis FF (1990-91 annex) has:
- (4) 2 Sea Sparrow w / 16 RIM-7M / 2 WM22
So, having 2 x WM22 directors can launch up to 8 (4 x 2) RIM but against two different targets (possibly also a SAM and SSM).
As the FF Argentina Espora, having:
- (2) 2 Dart 40mm / 70 // 2 WM28 can fire up to 4 shots per round to two different targets, having two directors WM28.
I'm reading it correctly?

If so, which is the difference for a weapon to have one or no director. In all cases they may fire only to one target !!!

But it seems to me very strange that Harpoon or Sea Sparrow or other missiles may be launched to only one terget for turn...

In Harpoon 3 (PC games) you can choose the target for the missile and you are not obliged to launch alls to the same target...

Thanks, Steve.

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The RGM-84 Harpoon is an exception to that general rule (see 5.1, about weapons without directors firing at one target only) because it is inertially guided in its initial guidance phase.


Many ship to ship missiles will fall into the same exception.

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Thank you. So, if I undestand, all the missiles with a inertial guide system (I, I/TARH, I/TSARH and I/TIRH) are in the same situation of Harpoon ? i.e. being launched at several targets in the same turn !


Yes, especially for anything with terminal guidance. (Keeping in mind that each missile's guidance system could potentially pick the same target if the targets are close together).


A bit different for the semi-active guidance types (i.e. TSARH), because they will require a director to illuminate the target in the terminal phase.

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