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HCE Release Notes


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I'll try to remember to periodically post the release notes of the current (test) builds of the game. It would be nice if there wasn't a significant lag from a change to when the change makes it into the hands of non-beta players but that just isn't the arrangement at present. Hopefully having an idea of what we're working on will be a positive thing.

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Up thru HCE Release Version 2007.000


HCE - 2007.000


- Bug:2095 Airplanes will no longer teleport to landing spots after loitering due to failed intercept

- Bug:1907 Fixed small bug where aircraft would loiter during intercept without informing the player

- Bug:2112 Several debug features have now been turned into cheat codes.


HCE - 2007.b25rc3


- Bug:1977 Credits have been updated

- Bug:0063 WestPac Scenarios now lead to correct scenerios

- Bug:0191 Submarines can no longer fire missiles while surfaced

- Bug:1700 Subs no longer change position while firing torpedos


HCE - 2007.b24rc2


- Bug:2071: Message Log will no longer report non-player loitering events.

- Bug:1964: CommonDB now updated with new pictures. 2 more scenerios added to WestPac.


HCE - 2007.b23rc1


- Bug:1907 GE Aircraft Loiter after finishing an intercept will now pop up a staff assistant informing the player.

- Bug:2047 GE WestPac 6.0 Orders mistakes have been corrected

- Bug:2048 GE Windows menu reset: maximized is now spelled correctly.

_ Bug:1700 GE Subs dive to their previous depth after firing torpedos after a small amount of time based on how far they had to ascend

- Bug:0191 GE Submarine can now only launch missiles from shallow depth

- Bug:1976 GE Groups will now no longer ignore course orders due to improperly stored formation events



HCE - 2007.b22


- Bug:1950 GE Helos attacking subs now correctly determine what weapons to use.

- Bug:1903 GE ASW weapons now allocate correctly

- Bug:1887 GE Sinking Blue Units will no longer ask for a new course while playing red

- Bug:2041 GE Added 4 new WestPac Scenerios

- Bug:2044 GE Animations and Full button on Unit report will no longer crash the game

- Bug:1990 GE Red Groups will no longer inform blue player that they are loitering or winchester.


HCE - 2007.b21


- Bug:0001964 Data Updated CommonDB

- Bug:0002001 GE Aircraft losing contact with a sub will no longer crash the game nor report to blue

- Bug:0002003 GE Aircraft losing contact with a sub will no longer crash the game

- Bug:0001994 GE Red group will not longer ask blue side for new course

- Bug:0001989 GE Aircraft losing contact with a sub will no longer crash the game

- Bug:0001948 GE Giving waypoints (with waypoint screen up) to a unit that wasn't supposed to get that course order.

- Bug:0001946 GE Airgroups now launch at proper height

- Bug:0002020 GE New window reset feature added to the window menu


HCE - 2007.b20


- Bug:0001989: Game will no longer crash after asking if a ASW group should return to base

- Bug:0001715 Upgrade Graphics for EC2003 and Westpac


HCE - 2007.b19


- Bug:0001887 Sinking Blue units not longer ask for new course


HCE - 2007.b18


- Bug:0001652 You can no longer join/split groups while the group is launching/landing.

- Bug:0001651 Course dialog no longer lets you edit a group's path if it is intercepting except for clearing the path/canceling the intercept

- Bug:0001775 Start each scenerio at x2 Zoom

- Bug:0001824 Upgrade Sounds

- Bug:0001890 Ferry Missions no longer start flying before group is fully formed

- Bug:0001896 AFterburner now shows correct knots in speed dialog.

- Bug:0001917 Aircraft now ask to go home if they lose track of their target

- Bug:0001949 SAMs now correctly reload


HCE - 2006.b17


- Bug:1774 Change Title

- Bug:0778 Patrol aircraft RTB with plenty of fuel and weapons

- Bug:1650 (SE) Cancel on adding a Group causes pre-existing Bases to get wiped

- Bug:0828 Air units within missile range, do you want to attack? dialog keeps popping up

- Bug:1197 Inconsistant weapons load reported

- Bug:1164 F8 w guns attacks MiG25 @ Vhigh and shoots it down

- Bug:1736 When enemy surface unit is sunk/severly damage, dialog asks if I want to give orders

- Bug:1699 Units in a group have differeing altitudes


HCE - 2006.b16


- Bug:1641: Resolved an issue where helos wouldn't decend directly to low without first going to low alt.

- Bug:1197: Fixed a inconsistency with the range finding of a nuclear weapon.

- Bug:0191: Submarines now psuedo simulate ascending to fire missiles before decending again.

- Bug:1645: When splitting a group, there was as check for sides in forcing the new and old unit to check its throttle vs knots setting. This was removed.

- Bug:1605: Some registry settings from the origional divorcing of HCE from HCGOLD were accidently left behind in the SE. These were removed.

- Bug:1639: Staff Assistant has had an intelligence boost. Will now correctly inform user of bingo fuel problems even if there is a land event along the current course.

- Bug:1275: New debugging feature has been added. '-x' will disable enemy sub AI control. This feature will be removed in the release version.

- Bug:1594: Fixed the mini-rep to accurately display speed updates of patrols.

- Bug:1595: All A/C now fly at the same speed in a group of mixed A/C

- Bug:1634: Naval unit group splits now allow you to enter a course for the new group.

- Bug:0468: Made a partial update to the serial number system requiring the use of the new executable 'TestReg.exe' in the harpoon directory. This will be updated in furture releases.



HCE - 2006.b15


- Bug:1516: (GE) resolved Auto saved game issue with filenames being too long

- Bug:0270: (GE) Modifications to range circles should make them appear less oval like in some circumstances

- Bug:1368: Resolved a bug where A/C are told that they are in range of their own AA defenses

- Bug:1367: Group Window was listening to add points to the path even if other modeless dialogs were up. I now have it checking for modeless dialogs. So speed and attack dialogs will no longer trigger pathing if you click in the group window.

- Bug:1537: Planes won't land. Pathing AI has been improved.

- Bug:1594: Minor bug fixed where speed/alt dialog was mis-reporting the speed of the unit

- Bug:1595: Fixed a bug where aircraft groups were going faster than they were allowed


HCE - 2006.b14


- Bug:0828: (GE) Air units within missile range, do you want to attack? dialog keeps popping up

- Area defense dialogs now target entire groups instead of units, reducing the number of Staff Assistant popups.

- Bug:1260: (GE) Intermittent sensors turn off

- Patrols landing no longer accidently turn off intermittent sensors

- Bug:1197: (GE) Inconsistant weapons load reported

- Minor edits to the 'no weapons available' message to better reflect the possibility of nuclear weaponry not being released.

- Bug:0204: (GE) ARMS Prevent bombing

- Bug:1256: (GE) Tankers don't return to base

- Added supplimental dialog allowing the users to pick a landing base for tankers after they split.

- Bug:1299: (GE) AI Land units run away from any opposing units

- Fixed. Land units now actually attack when detected but not in range of attacking

- Bug:1271: (GE) Ships Repeatedly miss navpoints on high TC

- Significant changes made to nav point AI to help streamline navpoints


HCE - 2006.b13


- Bug:0191: (GE) Submarine can launch missiles (cruise and ballistic) from any depth

- Subs now automatically move to the target's depth before firing torpedos.

- Bug:0860: (SE) Enhancement: Write entry to message log when friendly units are damaged.

- For the debug versions only, DP now appears on non-instant kills in the message log.

- Bug:1376: (SE) Adding Base listing always appears covering apart of the map

- Add Base dialog now appears lower on the screen in the information area

- Bug:1375: (SE) Adding the first base on the list causes confusing behavior

- Item selection in the 'add base dialog' now keeps track of what you hilighted and corrects for any switching between unit types.

- Bug:0197: (GE) Ferry Mission not cleared when target base is destroyed

- Ferry Missions to a base will now be cleared if the base is destroyed.

- Bug:1348: (GE) A/C launch but have no hope of reaching target

- Minor bug in calculating round trip fuel

- Bug:1263: (GE) Aircraft stuck launching on Ferry Missions

- Issues where a nearby enemy base would attack launching aircraft causing the aicraft to get stuck.


HCE - 2005.b12


- Bug:1298: (GE) While testing for the lost a/c bug- I crashed the game after a "normal" sequence of events

- Minor crash bug related to loitering/RTB decision after intercept

- Bug:1329: (GE) Missiles disappear

- Added UI messages offering information of missile loss do to lack of guidance

- Bug:1339: (GE) Canceling a Weapons Allocation

- Canceling the Weapons Allocation Dialog now prompts if aircraft wish to RTB. Otherwise intercepting group is set to loiter.

- Bug:1344: (SE) Can't create RED GROUPS

- Fixed a bug where SE couldn't create red groups correctly

- Bug:1297: (GE) Ship to ship torpedo - operator interface problem?

- Functionality was added that now fully allows ship to ship torpedos with a user initiatated attack

- Bug:1273: (GE) Dipping while cruising

- Aircraft with the ability to dip sonar can no longer do so unless they are loitering and at Vlow altitude. Sonar settings are disabled unless these conditions are met.

- Bug:1254: (GE) Aircraft with gun ammo available refuse to engage

- Removed a limitation which didn't let aircraft attack groups with cannons unless they were within 10nm of the group.


HCE - 2005.b11


- Bug:0196: (GE) Ready Aircraft Anomoly. Group splits in ready aircraft interface and one group of 3 unusable

- Bug:1291: (GE) SAM's used as SSM's

- Bug:1228: (GE) Red reports to Blue

- Bug:1229: (GE) Neutral reports to Blue

- Bug:1272: (GE) Sonobuoy hotkey

- "." hotkey will drop an aircraft to Vlow if not at Vlow. If aircraft is at Vlow, will force the aircraft drop a sonar bouy.

- Bug:1226: (GE) Autosave time setting not saved

- Autosave timer now saves correctly

- Bug:0179: (GE) Weapon display window no hotkey to close, ESC also doesn't close it

- Esc key now closes the Weapons display window

- Bug:1030: (GE) When destroyed, land units denoted as sinking

- Land units are now denoted as 'destoryed'.

- Bug:0414: (GE) High Time Compression and weapons allocation menu -GUI synchronicity.

- Unit and Group windows now updated if weapons allocation menu appears during high time compression

- Bug:0644: (GE) Laptops that have 2 monitors will display all dialogs in 2nd (extended) desktop

- Computers that used extended desktops may find HCE Dialogs being misplaced. See ReadmeDialogs.txt for information on how to fix this.


HCE - B10


- 0000778: [GE Game Engine] Patrol aircraft RTB with plenty of fuel and weapons (Fletcher)

- 0001164: [GE Game Engine] F8 w guns attacks MiG25 @ Vhigh and shoots it down (Fletcher)

- 0001201: [GE Game Engine] Loading a saved game causes autosaving feature to fail (Fletcher)

- 0001204: [GE Game Engine] Divorce registry settings from HCGold (Russell)

- 0001268: [GE Game Engine] Scrolling through units in display dialogue can cause crash (Fletcher)

- 0001269: [GE Game Engine] Add build number to title bar (Fletcher)

- 0001145: [scenEdit] Crash on adding plane to new group (Fletcher)


HCE - 2005.b09



Includes new debugging tools.


- 0001177: [GE Game Engine] Adding debugging tool: Iterative Saving (Fletcher)

- 0000979: [GE Game Engine] Add EXE Properties (Fletcher)

- 0000468: [GE Game Engine] Add Matrix serial number system to the game (Fletcher)

- 0000982: [GE Game Engine] Iterative Saving (Fletcher)

- 0000983: [GE Game Engine] Save Timer Modified (Fletcher)


HCE - 2005.b08



Should only require HC2002 Gold and be the first Fletcher heavy release.


- 0000274: [GE Game Engine] Errant radar detection message (aeischens)

- 0000359: [GE Game Engine] safe_io: error writing: annex_disk_id_list[0][0] upon program close (Fletcher)

- 0000937: [GE Game Engine] Add new command line for debugging log (Fletcher)

- 0000614: [GE Game Engine] Air groups with tankers running out of fuel (Fletcher)

- 0000759: [uI] Click-Scrolling through units in unit window causes crash (Fletcher)

- 0000698: [GE Game Engine] Attack option window keeps popping up (Fletcher)

- 0000663: [GE Game Engine] Fuel consumption issue (Fletcher)

- 0000828: [GE Game Engine] Air units within missile range, do you want to attack? dialog keeps popping up (Fletcher)

- 0000975: [installer] Unzipping B08 to HC2002 Gold installation causes error when trying to load through Start menu (Fletcher)

- 0000413: [uI] High Time Accleration+attack on target with attached land units causes difficulty in attack resolution and odd aircraft behavior (Fletcher)


Version 2005.b07 Released 2005/07/02


* GE (###) Updated about box, credits. If you

think you should be there, please contact


* GE (###) Don't allow AI to pull planes from

formation, airfield, or LD Patrol to

intercept SAMs and AAMs. Effectively means

AI will not try to intercept SAMs and AAMs.

* GE (###) Show IDs for Neutral groups as well

as Red and Blue groups.

* GE (###) Remove country names from Ctrl+H

status display for neutrals since country

names were only used in legacy battlesets.

* GE (###) Allow partial ordnance flag at scen

start to also affect neutrals. Previously

neutrals received full missile complement

even if other sides didn't.

* GE (###) Beginnings of each unit and group

storing information about the detection of

each other side vs the unit. This changes

from a player side vs other sides into a

player independent structure.

* GE (###) Unit window won't close at high

group window zoom. Units will never show

on group map.

* GE (###) Increased the number of zoom levels

in Unit window to match group window.

* GE (###) Fixed a bug where ARMs could not be

fired from plane to ship when ARMs were the

only weapon type on the plane. (thanks Ben)

* GE (###) Improvements to range circles on

Group map, no longer kludge at certain key

measures. Hmm, seems to only work for

exactly detected groups.


Items Modified:

* GE

* SE



* This version modifies the saved game format making all previous

saved games useless in this version.

* This update must be applied to 2005.b02 or newer.




Version 2005.b06 Released 2005/04/03


* GE (204) Further tweak composite group behavior

when dealing with radiating target groups that

stop radiating mid-attack.


Items Modified:

* GE



* This update must be applied to 2005.b02 or newer.




Version 2005.b05 Released 2005/03/30


* GE (381) Don't allow auto-intercept attacks

to use SSMs against submerged subs.

* GE (365) Still more nuclear release timing fixes.

* GE (274) Errant detected by radar warning

messages from bases should no longer happen.

* GE (211) More work to prevent fixed installation

location from changing based on detection.

* GE (374) Additional work to prevent firing

SSMs at submerged subs, in this case as a

result of using Intercept button.

* GE (213) Appears that when you destroy a base,

units that were in the base formation can now

be destroyed as well.

* GE (375) VC completion crash fixed?

* GE (280) VCs not registering for MLUs. Appears

the problem did not exist and still doesn't

seem to exist.

* GE (204) Composite ARM+Bomb groups couldn't

use the Bomb/Missile at some times when

target isn't radiating. However, in some

circumstances after expending some weapons,

the air group runs back and forth near target.

* SE (365) More nuclear release timing fixes.


Items Modified:

* GE

* SE



* This update must be applied to 2005.b02 or newer.




Version 2005.b04 Released 2005/03/13


* SE Allow scenario designer to place bases

from any side on any side. Base listing

changed to include color so scenario

designer knows what they are getting.

* SE after you have added a base and go

back in to add another, the scrollbox

will bring you to the previously

added base.

* GE Subs aground go to max water depth,

not one level shallower than max depth

* GE more work on planes attacking surfaced

subs with ASMs. In the process, get rid

of cannon fire message when plane is

carrying both Torps/Depth Charges and

ASMs at the same time.


Items Modified:

* GE

* SE



* This update must be applied to 2005.b02 or newer.




Version 2005.b03 Released 2005/03/05


* 0000361 GE Hopefully prevent super fast ship

groups bug that appears to have been the

result of code to lower dippers to low alt.


Items Modified:

* GE



* This update must be applied to 2005.b02.




Version 2005.b02 Released 2005/03/01


* GE Fixed bug Vince found where sonobuoy droppers

were causing crash.

* GE allow aircraft to split from base formation


* GE allow ships to split from base formation

* GE allow MLUs to split from base formation

* GE allow various units to join base formations

* GE allow various units to join MLU formations

* GE allow player to attack Neutral units as a

way of allowing attack of all Unknown units

* GE fix an issue where radar guided missiles

weren't hitting enough. This may make

intertial SARH missiles too accurate, test


* GE More rebranding to HC2005/

Harpoon Commander's Edition

* SE ditto

* PE fixed type in import specifications that

was preventing the import process from working

* PE was not importing sonar BSL! Fixed

* db_utils updated, Torpedo Annex was not

exporting correctly due to linefeed problem

* WestPac Beta status removed from text

* Uninstaller activated


Items Modified:

* GE

* SE

* PE

* db_utils



* This update can be applied to 2003.10 or newer.

* Note, this is again a Debug GE and will be

slower than the release version.




Version 2005.b01 Released 2005/02/21


* GE Prevent error in AirAttacker function caused

by targeting by group rather than by unit.

* GE AI AC evasion turned off by a majority vote

of three to one on the AGSI HCG Beta forum.

* GE Fix Noisemaker crash error caused by problem

with passive sonar detect sound. Now plays

active sonar detect sound for passive detects.

* GE Compromise a bit with range circles, they

will be somewhat rounder now.

* GE Must be at Low or VLow to use dipping sonar

or lay sonobuoy, GE will move units to Low

on its own and set Throttle to Cruise

* SE Deal a little more gracefully when items in

the Installations annex have invalid IDs

* DB Gave SH-60F APS-124 radar

* PE Changed drop down items listed for base

source level from one item per noise level

sorted by item name to every item sorted by

BSL, then item name.


Items Modified:

* GE

* SE

* DB

* CDB.res

* PE



* This update can be applied to 2003.16b8 or newer.

* Note the speed, the GE has very little debugging

turned on and should be running at about the

speed that can be expected with a real release.




Version 2003.16b12 Released 2005/01/23


* GE Hopefully fix malloc assertion errors that

were caused by freeing the same chunk of

memory twice..


Items Modified:

* GE



* This update can be applied to 2003.16b8 or newer.




Version 2003.16b11 Released 2005/01/22


* GE Turn on non-player controlled EW bird's

radars soon after take-off so that they can

provide escort jamming services.


Items Modified:

* GE



* This update can be applied to 2003.16b8 or newer.




Version 2003.16b10 Released 2005/01/22


* GE More area ECM tweaks.

* GE Revert to the AI not being able to form

attacks against bases on it's own. Only

attacks against bases created in the

SE will be honored. This prevents an

uneven and often deadly (to the AI)

allocation of weapons so that there is

nothing left to attack player ships.

* GE very beginnings of allowing ships to

attack ships with torpedoes.

* GE very beginnings of allowing planes

and ships to attack subs with ASMs when

sub is on the surface.

* SE incremented version number :)


Items Modified:

* GE

* SE

* DB



* This version modifies the saved game format making all previous

saved games useless in this version.

* This update can be applied to 2003.16b8 or newer.




Version 2003.16b9 Released 2005/01/20


* GE/SE Changes to allow 47 character ship/sub

/plane names.

* GE New area ECM model based upon plane

loadout ECM type weapons with range > 0.

Both direct jamming of emitting radar when

jammer is close to emitter and escort

jamming of strike groups within the jamming

range of the ECM platform (does not need

to be in the same group as the escorted


Jammed units/groups will show a little

yellow lightening bolt near the unit icon.

The indicator will persist for 30 seconds

or less after the last jammer stops


* DB to make 47 character names work in

custom DBs, open pfData file, lAnnexDefaults

table and set the type code value to 47

where it is currently 17 (first three lines)


Items Modified:

* GE

* SE

* DB



* This version modifies the saved game format making all previous

saved games useless in this version.

* This update can be applied to 2003.16b8.




Version 2003.16b8 Released 2005/01/17


* GE continued work on Ctrl-H status for Land


* GE/SE Allow use of all 128 loadout types.

Still a maximum of 32 loadouts per plane.

* GE allocate less a reasonable number of

weapons when attacking a land unit.

Previously for weapon allocation, all land

units were considered bases and maximum

force was applied.

* GE will load without error pre-EC2003

BattleSet Scenarios

Old User Scenarios (pre 2003.16b3)

New User Scenarios

The SE somewhere along the line started

creating a bogus ship entry that was

causing trouble. This works around that.

* SE shows DB Flavor in quasi status bar when

in EC2003 or WestPac battlesets

* SE added land unit types to Victory Conditions


* SE added land unit types to scenario analysis


Items Modified:

* GE

* SE



* This update can be applied to 2003.15 or newer.

* The PE in this version is 2003.16b5 as it has

not changed since then.




Version 2003.16b7 Released 2005/01/01


* GE will give Nuclear Release at proper time.

* GE added Ctrl-H status for Land Units

* Ctrl-H status report should count up to 65535

instead of 255.

* Added HC2004 logos

* Changed SCUD missile site reload times to 105

minutes, up from 8 minutes.


Items Modified:

* GE

* SE

* DB

* CDB.res




* This update can be applied to 2003.15 or newer.

* When granting Nuclear release in the SE the

designer must open the nuclear release dialog

a second time and re-enter the appropriate

time for it to 'stick' correctly.




Version 2003.16b6 Released 2004/11/27


* SARH AAMs will self destruct if guidance is lost.

* SARH AAMs with Inertial flag will not self destruct. They

will continue towards last known contact and explode at

distance to last known contact. If guidance is restored

the missiles will head back towards the target.

* SARH AAMs with Inertial flag will have only a tiny chance

of hitting target if guiding platform doesn't radiate

before/during impact to provide guidance updates.


Items Modified:

* GE (Game Engine aka Winharp32.exe)



* This update can be applied to 2003.16b5 or newer.




Version 2003.16b5 Released 2004/10/31


* Made another attempt at convincing evading AI AC to RTB when

they reach Bingo fuel state.

* Exposed Ship, Sub, and Torpedo base noise level

(aka Base Source Level aka BSL) to the PE so that base noise

levels are no longer hard coded. DB needs edits, the values

in the current DB are what the hard coded values were giving.


Items Modified:

* db_utils (db_make.exe in db_utils folder)

* PE (pfBuild2002.mdb, Platform Editor)

* GE (Game Engine aka Winharp32.exe)

* SE (Scenario Editor aka WSCENEDT.EXE)

* DB (pfData2002.mdb no item changes, only BSL exposed)

* SC (Scenario Converter, cvtscen.ese)

* CDB.res (commondb.res compiled DB for those not wishing to use PE)



* This version modifies the saved game format making all previous

saved games useless in this version.

* This update can be applied to 2003.16b3 or newer.




Version 2003.16b4b Released 2004/10/24


* Increased robustness of PE search for HC Main directory for use

during export and import process to avoid as many 3044

'File not Found' errors as possible due to corrupt or otherwise

unreadable registry entries. This also helps export and import

work better on computers with tight security that don't allow

registry reads from MS Access.


Items Modified:

* PE






Version 2003.16b4 Released 2004/10/19



* Course plotting at > 8x zoom should now result in a path very

close to what was desired rather than wildly off-course.

* The number of weapons per loadout and weapons per multimount

has been increased from 4 to 8. This also fixes an off-by-one

bug in the multimount code that was crashing the game when

the Ohio SSGN fired TLAMs or SEALs.

* AI Aircraft evasion has been tweaked. The feature is by no

means perfect but should be much better. AI aircraft will now

close closer to player aircraft before running away. In

addition, if AI fighters approach a player AC and do not have

the player group targeted, the AI group will take a snap-shot

before running away. As before, if the AI group is targeting

the player planes, they will close and fire, no matter how


* Database name changed to 'AGSI HCG Official DB-040428'...

Anyone else have a better name before we have versioning

working better a steady database name would be good (except

for the date portion that changes after each database edit).


Items Modified:

* db_utils (all six programs in db_utils folder)

* PE (pfBuild2002.mdb, Platform Editor)

* GE (Game Engine aka Winharp32.exe)

* SE (Scenario Editor aka WSCENEDT.EXE)

* DB (pfData2002.mdb no item changes, only DB name changed)

* SC (Scenario Converter, cvtscen.ese)

* CDB.res (commondb.res compiled DB for those not wishing to use PE)



* This version modifies the saved game format making all previous

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HCE - 2007.031


- Chg:0000 GE Undo the attempted fix to prevent GE crashes when there are

empty groups in a scenario, the fix was specific to my


- Chg:0000 GE Stop the CPU usage from pegging, aka give some cycles back

to the operating system.

- Chg:0000 GE More guns work.

Player and AI now allocate the total number of bursts they

want to fire, the GE handles spreading the fire over number

of mounts, tubes, combined with ROF.

Disabled Impact and Airburst radio buttons on attack type

dialog since player choice has no effect on what type of

damage is actually applied.

Mount, ROF value is total bursts for that mount, no matter

what the mounts= value is and no matter how many weapons

are in a multimount.

Mount, Tubes and mounts= affects how many bursts can be

fired at once, ROF permitting the mount can fire

Tubes * Mounts bursts all at once.


HCE - 2007.030


- Chg:0000 BB For locales where a period is not used in floating point numbers,

force it anyway to avoid errors.

- Chg:0000 BB Include some more battleset specific messages in the seed files

for the battleset. Prevents a problem Rene reported about

the game crashing after a victory condition dialog was dismissed.


HCE - 2007.029


- Chg:0000 SE When lots of ship/sub/aircraft classes are in the DB, it could

overflow the maximum contents of a 16-bit listbox. Fix is

to dynamically narrow the width of the shown fields so that

all entries are shown. This will mean some country names,

class names, and side names may be cut short to make each

entry small enough for them all to show. (thanks Rene)

- Chg:0000 GE An attempt was made to have the GE not crash if a scenario

has groups with no units.


HCE - 2007.028


- Chg:0000 GE Anti-Surface gun ammo allocation improvements

* Rather than assuming each mount can only fire one shell,

use # of tubes instead.

* Don't assume player should only fire 1 shell (pre-allocation

in attack dialog), do the full calculation to estimate

how many to fire.

- Chg:0000 GE Mount weapons fired in current 60 seconds was being reset

incorrectly, fixed it by making ROF_Divisor = 0 in all


- Chg:0000 GE In CheckMissileHits, show ECM reduction and such for misses

as well. (attempt 2, thanks Rene)

- Nfo:0000 GE Gun mounts should check arc, isn't happening yet.

- Nfo:0000 GE Verified that ROF is reset every 60 game seconds, not 30!



HCE - 2007.027


- Chg:0000 GE Anti-Surface Guns now adhere to mount rate of fire limitations,

only after the initial allocation, player can cheat on initial


AS Guns will fire the correct ammunition now, and will not

'dump ammo overboard'. Previously guns were firing one burst

per 15 seconds and throwing any other bursts overboard.

AS Guns by the AI will fire 2 x target remaining DP of bursts

at the target, this helps reduce overkill/ammo wastage.

AS Guns will stop firing when the firing platform is out of

range of the target platform, previously any bombardment in

progress would keep going even if out of range.

- Chg:0000 GE In CheckMissileHits, show ECM reduction and such for misses

as well.

- Chg:0000 GE Show Range column in launch aircraft dialog for each line

of ready AC. (thanks Akula, HermanH)

- Nfo:0000 GE The period over which ROF bursts will happen is 60 seconds,

this contradicts some of the code comments which suggest 30

seconds. Will be doing further research.

- Nfo:0000 GE The decision was made (Akula,CV32,TonyE) not to change the

Impact vs Airburst criterion. They are...

If the burst will impart more than 1/8 the total DP of the

target, the shell is considered impact, if less than 1/8

the shell is considered Airburst. This is why destroying

an airbase in the game with guns just doesn't happen.

We'll look at this again when we can change data structures

to suit a potentially better model.

- Nfo:0000 GE Guns impact/airburst radio buttons should not even show since

user selection has no effect on how the damage is applied.



HCE - 2007.026


- Chg:0000 GE In CheckMissileHits, show ecm reduction to PH. This doesn't

show missiles hitting planes.

- Chg:2347 GE Game crashes when starting EC2003 scenarios without starting

with full ordnance. (thanks Terminus)

- Chg:2112 GE Really make show all and iterative saving work in release


- Chg:0000 GE After firing command guided missiles, if the firing unit is

destroyed before the missiles impacted, the game would crash

due to a null value for sourceUnit. Fixed by adding a null

check, say "Firing unit destroyed" as the name of firing

unit if the firing unit is already gone. (thanks Krasny)

- Chg:2350 SE SE Would crash in HDS III GIUK if you open Iceland Thaw then hit

F4 with group ABC selected. The group has a bad formation

patrol entry for an aircraft. Fix is to ignore bad formation

air patrols. (thanks Herman)



HCE - 2007.025


- Chg:0000 GE Game could crash when splitting tanker from group if there is no

group selected. Fixed so that landing for split is based off

of tanker group, failing that, base it off group tanker was

part of.

- Chg:0000 GE Game could crash when using Full button display on report window.

Fixed it up to use Unit instead of Group where needed.

- Chg:0000 GE Added ECM ability to mounts. Now a ship may carry ALQ-99 for area

and point defense jamming. Flares and Chaff will also now work

for units other than planes.


HCE - 2007.024


- Chg:0000 GE Stop showing SAM and Gun counts at enemy installations and land

units on the mini report window.

- Chg:0000 BSB Hide the running of end_edit.bat but capture its output to the

log file.

- Chg:0000 GE Improve DLLExport interface to improve speed when no DLLs are


- Chg:0000 GE Hopefully prevent Neutrals from attacking AI, prevent AI from

giving player detects of Neutrals.


HCE - 2007.023


- Chg:0000 GE Prevent potential crash when launching weapon with long name

- Chg:0000 GE Allow battlesets with zero scenarios, no more crashing

- Chg:0000 GE Upon scenario load, suppress the orders window if no orders

are available, go straight into the game.

- Chg:0000 GE Refueling manually will now replace any existing refueling

events that haven't started to transfer fuel. The aim is

to prevent an inability to manually refuel (i.e. the command

is given but no refuel occurs until much later).

- Chg:0000 GE Let BOL weapons hit anybody, including player ships.

- Chg:0000 BSB Fix controls alignment on scenarios tab so they behave when

the form is resized.

- Chg:0000 BSB Re-ordered the controls in the program so the tab key usage

makes a little more sense.

- Chg:0000 BSB Expanded logging to cover entire program.

- Chg:0000 BSB Added a most simple facility for saving and loading battleset


- Chg:0000 BSB Prevent error about invalid float when manually entering a

Lat or Lon value.

- Nfo:0000 BSB Determined that the map creation utilities do not know how

to make a map from Iceland as a Western boundary to

the USA as an Eastern boundary. This needs to be remedied.


HCE - 2007.022


- Chg:0000 GE Removed DelphiGUI.dll interface since it has been supplanted.

- Chg:0000 GE DLLExport interface coded, version 1, more refinements

- Chg:0000 DLL DataDump1.dll updated with changes to match GE


HCE - 2007.021


- Chg:0000 GE Guns should now adhere to altitude limits in air engagements

and in point defense. Try 2...

- Chg:0000 GE DLLExport interface coded, version 1.


HCE - 2007.020


- Chg:0000 GE Guns should now adhere to altitude limits in air engagements

and in point defense.


HCE - 2007.019


- Chg:0000 GE Tweak to 2007.018 so pre-EC2003 battlesets work

- Chg:0000 SE Tweak to 2007.018 so pre-EC2003 battlesets work


HCE - 2007.018


- Chg:0000 GE Mis-reading of data from battleset .res file instead of

commondb.res file. Barely tested.

- Chg:0000 SE Mis-reading of data from battleset .res file instead of

commondb.res file. Barely tested.


HCE - 2007.017


- Chg:0000 SE Add zoom levels to SE, 16x, 32x, 64x

128x is not possible with the 16-bit SE

The Unit window rectangle that shows on the Group window is

not showing as the correct size.


HCE - 2007.016


- Bug:0000 GE AI will now fire surface capable torps ship to ship.

- Bug:0000 BB Full installer created

- Bug:0000 SE Allow use of hdsm.res, hdsm.rsr

- Bug:0000 GE Allow use of hdsm.res, hdsm.rsr


HCE - 2007.015


- Bug:0000 GE ASuW range ring will now properly show a surface gun range for

dual purpose guns. Dialog needs to be renamed Surface Weapon from

surface missile.

- Bug:0000 GE AI will now fire surface capable torps ship to ship.


HCE - 2007.014


- Bug:1920 SE After adding a base, dialog reverts to first blue base, should

revert to last added base


HCE - 2007.012


- Bug:0000 GE Add some code for battleset 27 (BS Builder)

- Bug:0000 SE Add some code for battleset 27 (BS Builder)


HCE - 2007.011


- Bug:2224 GE Wrong Weapon allocation (torpedoes in missile allocaton)

- Bug:2228 GE Attack type dialog, multiple types can errantly be selected (Missile/Torp/Gun)

- Bug:0000 GE Fixed crash while saving weapon allocation dialog position


HCE - 2007.010


- Bug:1881 SE PD won't show blank classnames, SE PD won't GPF on long mount names

- Bug:2053 SE PD Blank Entries

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HCE - 2007.032


- Chg:0000 SE If a ship/sub/... has no unit names available, tell the user

that instead of throwing an assertion. (thanks Stalintc)

- Chg:2367 GE Neutral submarines have no sink image when sunk.

- Chg:2000 GE Message Log wasn't clearing when loading a saved game. This

was intentional but has now been changed anyway to clear

the message log contents when a saved game is loaded.

- Chg:0000 GE When launching aircraft to attack, allow attacking unknown

groups as well as known enemy groups. (thanks Herman)

- Chg:0000 GE When telling aircraft to attack, if the first unit in the

group is already sinking/destroyed, it wasn't possible

to attack the remaining units in the group. That is

now fixed. (thanks Herman)

- Chg:2377 GE Splitting all units from a group (to a new group) crashes

the game. Fixed. (thanks Mack & Herman)

- Chg:2373 GE Game was ignoring user choice to continue contact prosecution

if contact was sunk (i.e. submarine) (thanks Herman)

- Chg:0000 GE Distances reported in the status line when clicking in the

Unit window on high zoom levels were wrong. (thanks MarkShot)

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  • 3 weeks later...

HCE - 2007.033


- Chg:0000 SE If you are drunk and do a really crazy sequence of keystrokes

and mouse clicks, you can get the SE to show only water. For

those episodes we've now brought back the land. (thanks Herman)

- Chg:0000 SE Prevent user from opening up multiple add/edit variable start

point location windows. (thanks Herman)

- Chg:2064 SE Deleting Variable start points then adding more later crash,

fixed. (thanks Ralf and others)

- Chg:1883 SE When adding planes to a ship/base after adding the plane

class scroll list would move up one slot in the list,

it will no longer do so. (thanks JayMcMullan)

- Chg:0000 GE Instant action checkbox will now select a random scenario from

the pre-EC2000 battlesets and a random player side.

(thanks pkpowers)

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Harpoon: Commander's Edition

Copyright AGSI




HCE - 2008.001


- Chg:0000 GE If autosave was set to zero, the game would constantly save,

fixed so that no autosaves are done with a value of zero.

- Chg:2057 GE Neutrals should no longer attack any other sides' subs

(or anything else but anything else was dealt with in

earlier releases).

- Chg:2355 GE HDS III GIUK 12.0 is the same scenario as 11.0

Kludged the system to not show HDSIII scenario 12.0 in the

scenario selection of the GE but left it in the SE in case

anyone has great ideas based on the orders files.

- Chg:1963 GE Aircraft of subtype Tanker crash the GE. This has been

fixed, the code that tries to place air groups at a sane

altitude after launch didn't know about any aircraft

types past the first nine. Expanded it to deal with all

128 potential types.

- Chg:2352 GE Bombers close on target after launching weapons

The attacking aircraft were being told to return to base

but the attack order was not removed so most often they

would end up trying to attack again even if they didn't

have valid weapons.

- Chg:2353 SE Show Range column in launch aircraft dialog for each line

of ready AC. (thanks Akula, HermanH)

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HCE - 2008.002


- Chg:0000 GE Sometimes VCs were triggering early, this was due to the

possibility of damaged units being counted twice, that dual

count has been removed. (thanks Herman)

- Chg:2131 GE Mounts with SAMs that are surface capable led to the AI not

being able to fire SSMs that were in the same mount if they

were listed after the SAMs. The workaround was to tell the

GE not to use SAMs as SSMs in pre-EC2003 battlesets.

- Chg:0000 GE The mini report window could cause a crash due to a string

buffer being too small. Surfaced with a Mine group of 12

mines in it. Overflow fixed. (thanks Rene)


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HCE - 2008.003


- Chg:0000 GE Use the textured maps created with BattleSet Builder.

- Chg:0000 SE Changes to keep up with BB and GE new BattleSets.

- Chg:0000 DU Tweaked res_add_headers to allow larger battleset files.

- Chg:0000 BB Capture the textured map to res028.bin of the BS.res file.


In other words, worked on the BS Builder.

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  • 2 weeks later...

HCE - 2008.004


- Chg:0000 GE Don't tell planes to drop to Low altitude when returning to base

- Chg:0000 GE If an air group is out of weapons range when their target is

destroyed, find them another target in the same group instead

of saying their task is finished. (thanks theCase)


- Chg:0000 GE Fixed bug in uncertainty zone adjustment that resulted in

some contacts not being localized as quickly as they should

have been localized.

- Chg:0000 GE BOL weapons will not go active at a reasonable position instead

of immediately after launch. The point you click on the map

is where the target unit is expected, the GE calculates the

activation point to be somewhat short of that.

- Chg:0000 GE Stopped making ExportDLLs folders all over.

- Chg:0000 GE Changes to the project file to allow a release build to

work in EC2003. _USE_32bit_time_t

- Chg:0000 GE Fixed buffer overflow in gun code when reporting type of

damage applied, string was too short.

- Chg:0000 GE Fixed another buffer overflow, prior to throwing up a

Staff message box.

- Chg:0000 GE Fixed a number of improper typecasts in Annex loading.

They were casted to short and should have been ushort.

- Chg:0000 GE Updated Credits screen.

- Chg:0000 GE Changed the user-made battleset to hdsu.res (.SCz, .hpz) and

added code for the intervening BattleSets.

- Chg:0000 SE Changed the user-made battleset to hdsu.res (.SCz, .hpz) and

added code for the intervening BattleSets.

- Chg:0000 BB Changed the user-made battleset to hdsu.res (.SCz, .hpz) and

added code for the intervening BattleSets.

- Chg:0000 BB Copy the battleset.res file from the BS Builder into the HC dir

if possible and rename hdsu.res

- Chg:0000 Expanded db_utils to use 4 digits, up from 3, in case people

want to add a ton of photos.

- Chg:0000 DB HCDB-080117

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HCE - 2008.020


- Chg:0000 DU Fixed up build options of db_utils and map_utils, they were

spitting out some bad data when built as a Release build.

- Chg:0000 BB Changed to output scenarios in four digit format, res0030.bin

instead of the errant res030.bin format.

- Chg:0000 BB More properly parse output of map projector program for

grabbing the salient map data items in the battleset.res


- Chg:0000 GE Show build number in title bar, even for release versions.

- Chg:0000 SE Hopefully SE will not run without crashing at resolutions

> 1600x1200 (thanks Smitty)

- Chg:0000 DB HCDB-080122

- Chg:0000 BS Added EC2000 BattleSets, but without the photos.

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HCE - 2008.021


- Chg:0000 GE Updated credits

- Chg:0000 GE Made range rings into range ellipses (see WestPac).

- Chg:0000 BB Allow the user to continue working after trying to make a

BattleSet with illegal lat/lon (thanks Akula)


and installer improvements...

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HCE - 2008.023


- Chg:0000 GE Fixed a buffer overflow in formation editor if a ship had a

long class name. Also allowed the displayed information to

be longer/complete.

- Chg:0000 GE The Red Victory graphic for EC2003+ will now be the same as

the pre-EC2003 one (Kirov over a map of Europe+Asia) instead

of a US carrier and US flag...

- Chg:0000 GE Sized the sound files to be smaller so that they play as

they should.

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  • 3 weeks later...

HCE - 2008.024


- Chg:0000 GE Fixed a buffer overflow in mini report caused by type being

to long (ex. AD Mobile > 8 characters). (thanks Gopher)

- Chg:0000 GE Fixed a lock-up/crash when list view columns are sized very

small. The program was getting into an endless loop trying

to shorten the text to display. (thanks Mack)


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  • 4 weeks later...

HCE - 2008.025


- Chg:2415 GE Started to kludge a workaround for situations where planes are

within the minimum range of one weapon but outside minimum

range of the next, resulting in a request to attack with

cannon fire. This kludge only affects AAM engagements!

(thanks Herman)

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HCE - 2008.026


- Chg:0000 GE For pre-commondb battlesets, play prop launch sound only when

propulsion type == 1. (thanks NAVMAN)


- Chg:0000 GE In debug builds, show when the GE expires.

- Chg:0000 GE Split sounds out of Harpoon32.dll and into individual files

within the Sounds directory.

- Chg:0000 GE Allow high PicIDs for commondb battlesets.

- Chg:0000 GE Ignore BattleSetPath from registry, make it the same directory

as the one the game was launched from.

- Chg:0000 SE Allow high PicIDs for commondb battlesets.

- Chg:0000 SE Ignore BattleSetPath from registry, make it the same directory

as the one the game was launched from.

- Chg:0000 BS EC2003 IOPG Scenario 5.0 victory conditions fixed, AOE ship

type changed to MPS. (thanks Maromak)

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