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Flashpoint Campaigns: Red Storm


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I'm not much for reading manuals, sometimes to my detriment.


But in any event, I thought I would dive right into Flashpoint Campaigns and 'wing it' through the five part scenario campaign, playing the part of the Red Army.


You start off having already crashed through the Fulda Gap (there is a large single scenario for that), and early on, I was making good progress pushing west.


Things started to bog down a bit once I started to meet West German armor (ugh, Leopard 2's, especially) and anti-tank helos.


But still, quantity has a quality all its own.


You have to give up time and victory points during the campaign to replace fallen out or destroyed units.


I suspected this was probably not a good idea (who would want to give NATO time to constitute a defence?), so I spent the bare minimum on this.


Not sure if it was ultimately deal breaker (might have to crack that manual after all), but when I ran into American M1A1s, Bradleys, and an amazing artillery spotter, things started to go south instead of west.


My Red Hammer fell just short of the Rhine, within a few kilometers of its banks, actually.


Fun and addictive game. B)

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I played the original Flashpoint game some years ago and was even on the beta tester team for the never released middle-east sequel. Now reading Red Army again, so that game might just fit with the book :)

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