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Map Interface - Delphi


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Very very early demo of our first new map interface attempt. The attachment and screenshot are the 64-bit Windows version but it looks and acts the same on Win32, Win64, OS X, iOS 6+, and a good selection of Android devices.


It doesn't do much of anything, just zooms in and out (mouse wheel or +/- keys) and lets you pan with the mouse.




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Six years later and our home grown map interface doesn't look like it is going to happen.  On the other hand, why not leverage the work of others?  I finally wrapped Cesium, https://cesium.com in Delphi via TMS WebCore https://www.tmssoftware.com/site/tmswebcoreintro.asp .

First screenshot below with Cesium on the left and Google Maps for reference on the right.  Note also that it is web-based.  I very much want the tools we make to be able to run offline and Cesium can still be used disconnected.  Next up is wiring up Cesium so that we can add stuff to the map like ships and lines and such.  If you visit the Cesium website you'll see amazing examples of what it can render when fed appropriate data.


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