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This game has issues


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Anyone tackle mine clearing yet? I am playing Op Brass Drum, and might have to turn to the manual, heh.


I'm also playing Brass Drum, for a month now (too much detail, too little time), I setup an area MCM in front of the Zumwalt, assigned the two LCSs to it, but after watching the video I better take them off, they are not equipped for it I understand.

It seems like only the Zumwalt has even just sensors to detect mines.


Have you ferried the MH-53s to the Zumwalt group or are they clearing flying from the America?

I think the Zumwalt does not have magazines to stock them, but have not checked it yet.

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Yes, thanks, I had forgotten about that. I had a MH-53 blow up on me, without apparent cause. Might have to check into that.


This one was logged as a bug on the beta forum, said to be corrected in build 446.



Yep. I brought it up on the Matrix forums. I haven't returned to the scenario yet.

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Fired this up again after a long hiatus.


This game has great playability (feels a lot like Harpoon in that respect), but there are still a few things that leave me puzzled.


I still can't get mine clearing to work. Admittedly I might be missing something but I established a zone, set up a mine clearing mission, and added an MH-53E to it, but it is either the worst performing asset ever or the mines are magically invisible.


Still not convinced about the terrain model and the performance of sensors (like radar) versus terrain. There still seem to be instances where radar penetrates terrain.


Refueling aircraft seem to be capable of giving away too much fuel and then lacking sufficient fuel themselves to RTB. Lost a KC-130 this way.


Enemy SAMs (not my own, lol) seem to have an uncanny ability to intercept and destroy high speed and stealthy weapons at standoff ranges. Looks like they are backing up their brochure claims.

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Worse. Picture this:


An F-15E pops up over a mountain to release weapons against a target on the other side. SAMs are launched at the F-15E as it climbs.


Before they intercept, the F-15E is able to drop down to 100 ft ASL, well behind terrain.


The SAMs continue on track, clear the terrain and drop >71,000 ft in an instant to kill the F-15E.


Bogus. <_<

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  • 2 weeks later...

I can hardly believe it, but ... land ships. Not the great continent crossing land yachts of Harpoon lore, but nevertheless, AI controlled ships running headlong into and having trouble navigating around land.


I take it back. Apparently there are land ships in the traditional sense of the term. <_<

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Every now and then I pull out this game and give it a go.


But I have to say it continues to disappoint ... not because it doesn't deliver a lot, because it does, but because it still doesn't deliver what I expect from it.


For example:


An SA-21a/b Growler battery engages a flight of Super Hornets at a distance of over 175 nm.


The Superbugs are flying at 36,000 feet. The SAM site is virtually at sea level (<30 ft).


The SAM site fires a number of missiles, and of course, the Superbugs detect them incoming and dive to 300 ft AGL (<1,000 ft above S/L).


There is intervening terrain - between the SAM site and the Superbug flight - that is nearly 4,000 ft in height.


Despite this, the SAM site "sees through" the mountains and the missiles dive from >40,000 ft to hit my Superbugs in terrain following flight.


Frustrating nonsense. I expect more realism than this.


Am I expecting too much?

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That sounds like a possible bug, since LOS is definitely taken into account by design.

It does seem like a bug, because I know that on other occasions, SA-5 SAMs launched at me have (properly) gone stupid after I dropped below the radar LOS. Which was great, both functionally (and as a player).


Did you open a thread on the MG Tech Support forum, with a suitable pre-engagement save? You will also need to refer which exact version you are using.

I once raised an issue with mine clearing (mentioned earlier in the thread) on the Matrix Games forum, but it was largely ignored, so I haven't bothered since.

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