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File - The Haruyuki Saga (2015)


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File Name: The Haruyuki Saga (2015)

File Submitter: Mgellis

File Submitted: 16 Sep 2013

File Category: Scenarios



For my 30th scenario of 2013, I tried something different. This is actually a trio of scenarios, following the Japanese destroyer Haruyuki (DD 128) through one fateful week in 2015, as she is suddenly thrust into the center of a conflict between Japan and North Korea. Since the events take place over the course of only a few days, the Haruyuki and the submarine assisting her, the Wakashio (SS 587) are not able to resupply, and so they will have fewer and fewer weapons as the scenarios progess. This was accomplished by using the logistics editing options in H3 ANW.


Image: Japanese destroyer Haruyuki (DD 128); Author: Manabu Itoh; according to Wikicommons, this image is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license.







Click here to download this file

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Interesting premise for a scenario. I tried it myself as a first time with the HUD4 and your scens. After loading the scen, Envoy, the first time I launched the Seahawk, I realized my audio settings weren't checked, so I turned them on in the game preferences and the game locked up. Ok, I thought, well it may have been because I changed the settings during the game. I closed the game and went back to the H3 Configuration from the launcher before I launched the game and set them there. I re-launched the game and the scen "Envoy" again and I had audio this time.

I launched the seahawk again and plotted a course for it. I then decided I wanted to alter the course slightly by grabbing the middle of it and dragging the course down. After the new route was plotted, the game locked up again and I couldn't get it to respond.

I am disappointed as I would have liked to of played this scen but it crashes on my machine within a minute of play.

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Sorry to hear you had trouble with it. H3 can be a bit finicky. It varies from computer to computer--HUD-4 is one of the few databases that did NOT cause Harpoon to lock up on me on my machine. Go figure. :) Sometimes you have to tweak the settings, things like the size of the window, etc. I wish I had more of an answer for. you. Good luck.

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Won the first Scenario of this Mini-Battleset. It was Close, though. After I downed six F-6 Farmers and a PRC Romeo Sub, for a long time nothing happened and it looked like an easy win, with the remaining Task just to Keep the DD in the marked area. But a well-timed attack followed: The three PRC Patrol Boats went full Speed and closed in as well as there appeared two H-5 Bombers. When they were confirmed as hostiles they alraedy delivered their bombs and the destroyer was hit.


SAMs downed those Bombers and an Orion sunk the three Patrol Boats before they managed to fire a single shot.


Some time later, victory was awarded.


Nice one, Mark!


On with part two.

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