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Request for information update


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Would it be possible to provide more information updates about progress on the HUD-4? Specifically, would it be possible to start going through the various platforms posted in the request forum and...


* If the platform has been added to the database, move the request (or have one of the moderators move it) to the archive so it is no longer cluttering up the request forum--although as the person who did most of the cluttering, I really should not be complaining about this. :)


* If the platform has been accepted, but not added yet, could you let us know what the status is? Is it likely to be added in the next month? Next year? How high is it on the "to do" list?


* If a platform is on the "Waiting until more information comes in" list, could you let us know if that information has come in yet?


* If the platform has been requested, but no response has been given, could you let us know what you think of the request--this could simply be responding with "Yes, it will be added," or "It may be added, but I am waiting for data to be added to the annexes" or "Sorry, this one will not be added."


Rather than try to do this all at once, I would recommend just doing one or two each day or so, and work through the list bit by bit. Not only would this make the project easy to fit into your schedule (which I know is pretty heavy right now with work responsibilities), but having a few new posts every day or so by the database editor (as opposed to the crazy guy writing scenarios) will probably stimulate interest in the HUD-4, and perhaps encourage more players and maybe even a few more scenario writers. If you can do more, great, but I understand you're really busy right now. I'm just hoping we can get a little more information about progress on the HUD-4.


Anyway, it's an idea. I hope you will be able to do it. Thanks.



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