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RIP Saul H. Jacobs


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HarpGamer is saddened to learn of the passing of long time Harpoon community member Saul H. Jacobs, age 76.


His bio below, cross posted from Dr. Who's Harpoon Pages, from January 2003, will give newer folks some idea of the depth of this community and the excellent contribution of members like him:



Well I guess as probably the oldest member of this group I should go ahead and send my bio to the list. I was born in Boston Mass. on February 19 1937, yes that means I will be 66 years old next month. My father worked in the Boston Navy Yard and some of my earliest recollections are him taking me aboard the Constitution and some of the WWII destroyers he used to work on.


After WWII my family moved to Virginia Beach Va. where I was raised. This was a great place to grow up at. Within a 20 mile range there was Norfolk naval base and air station, Oceania naval air station, Little Creek amphibious base and many more military bases and shipyards. Needless to say when I was a junior in high school I went out and joined the naval air reserve unit at NAS Norfolk


I stayed in the reserves through out high school and several year afterwards as I kind a kicked around, a little college, a little work. When I was 21 I married and decided to go on active duty with the Navy where I spent three year. For the total of seven years I was in the Navy I worked on and flew in S2F and P2V aircraft as an electronics technician.


Around 1960 when my tour in the Navy was up, I decided to try the Air Force where I spent the next 17 years. I started out working on WB50 and KB50 aircraft then went to the RF4C program when it was formed. I trained at Texas Instruments on the APQ-110 forward looking radar, at Shaw AFB on the APQ-102 side looking radar. I then went to Okinawa and then back to Bergstrom teaching in field training detachments the above systems. In 1970 I was sent to Thon Son Nhut AFB in Vietnam working the flight line on the RF4C and RB57F.


Upon leaving Vietnam I came to Davis Monthan AFB in Tucson AZ. Where I spent seven years working on the U2 and recce drones. During this time I spent a lot of time at Osan AFB in Korea. I retired from the AF in 1977 and returned to school where I got a B.A. in Psychology and a Masters in Education from the University of Arizona.


After graduating from the U of A, I started teaching electronics and computer science at Pima Community College in Tucson. I have a son in Madison Wisconsin who works for Xerox who was one of the original beta testers for the first computer version of Harpoon. I have two daughters one who lives here in Tucson and one who lives in Washington Courthouse Ohio.


My hobbies are; computers, of course 8-), science fiction, paper modeling and Harpoon. I retired from Pima two years ago and purchased a "mini-ranch" right out side of Tucson. Since retirement I have been spend a couple of days a week as a volunteer at the Pima Air and Space Museum giving tours at the museum and at the "bone yard" at Davis Monthan Air Force base. I administer a mailing list for card modelers around the world and edit an online card modeling magazine.


Saul H. Jacobs



RIP Saul.

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Saul was one of those behind the early stages of what's now the HUD4. As current editor, I think about someone who paved a track for me and some others before. RIP Saul; tomorrow's edition of the HUD4 will be dedicated to you. See how your brainchild has evolved, and keep an eye on it from above.



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