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File - turncoat.ps1


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File Name: turncoat.ps1

File Submitter: Grumble

File Submitted: 13 Aug 2013

File Category: Tools/Mods/Docs



turncoat.ps1 is a simple Powershell script that will set the player's side in HCE save game file. It does this by overwriting bytes 0x12b and 0x12c of the file so be careful what do you feed it. The script does rudimentary checking to make sure it is working with an actual HCE save file but you use it on your own risk.

The location of these bytes will probably change when the format of the save file changes, the script

works for me currently, as of 2013/08/10, with the 2009.086 GE save files. It would take much more than these two bytes to properly switch sides, this is purely for testing or experimental purposes. For example group information for the groups of your "new" side is often missing, most of the time you can use Show All to check the missing info.

The main purpose of the switch is to be able to take look through the AI's eyes, what kind of contacts did it have on your units in a point in time.

Use it as:

  1. make a work copy of the save file you want to turn, place it in the same dir where turncoat.ps1 is.
  2. then turn it with the command:
    powershell ./turncoat.ps1 <savefile.hp?> -red|-blue

The 1st screenshot shows two groups of F-117A and F-22A off the coasts of Libya from blue point of view.

The 2nd shows the same save file from red point of view after it was turned by turncoat. This is what the AI detected of them.



Imre Kolos aka. Grumble.



Click here to download this file

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