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And a few MORE buildings...


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Just a few more ideas (again, designed so they can be done simply, using existing platforms but adding new names so Victory Conditions can be set more easily)...


STRC - Commercial District

Use: STRC - Factory

Description: An area of a town or city used primarily for businesses, services, etc.


STRC - Shopping Mall

Use: STRC - Factory

Description: A large shopping center with numerous stores, restaurants, etc.


BLDG - Lecture Hall

Use: BLDG - Generator Building

Description: A lecture hall with classrooms and other facilities


BLDG - Conference Center

Use: BLDG - Generator Building

Description: A conference center with meeting rooms and other facilities


BLDG - Dormitory

Use: BLDG - Generator Building

Description: A dormitory


BLDG - Campus Center

Use: BLDG - Generator Building

Description: A campus center with offices, meeting rooms, and other facilities


BLDG - Gas Station

Use: BLDG - Small

Description: A fuel station for cars and other vehicles (often includes a convenience store)


BLDG - Monument

Use: BLDG - Generator Building

Description: A site of historical and/or cultural significance


BLDG - Temple

Use: BLDG - Mosque

Description: A place of religious worship

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