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File - Nettle Meerkat (2018)

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File Name: Nettle Meerkat (2018)

File Submitter: Mgellis

File Submitted: 24 Jun 2013

File Category: Scenarios



In expectation of the June 28 release of the next version of the HUD-4, my 21st scenario for 2013...


In the near future, with fish populations collapsing, tensions are rising around the world over accusations of illegal fishing. Fearing that Mozambique (which has recently acquired ships and aircraft from China) will take violent action against South African fishing boats operating in its EEZ, South Africa is sending two of its new frigates and a submarine to patrol the area...


(My experience testing this is that it is not too hard to win, but you have to pay attention...when things start happening, they're going to happen fast. Also, remember, when new versions of the HUD-4 come out, it will be necessary to update the scenario in the scenario editor using the Edit/Scenario Rebuild/Rebuild All Units command.)


Image: South African Navy frigate SAS Amatola (F 145) -- same class as the ones in this scenario but I could not find any public domain images of the specific ships. (Source: U.S. Navy; Photographer: David Holmes.)



Click here to download this file

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