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My Harpoon Wish List


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My Harpoon Wish List:

1. A new Scenario Editor that works with Windows 7, 64 bit and 8 now since Windows 8 doesn’t have a XP virtual mode.[/size]

2. Under-way Replenishment/ Vertical replenishment.[/size]

3. A way to merge different Harpoon Data bases into 1 large db.[/size]

4. Submarines that really sink when sunk.[/size]

5. A way to capture and use an airbase or port.[/size]

6. Increase the amount for air groups flying 26X26 is just not enough for me. :D [/size]

7. More consistent launch of aircraft from the AI. Air patrols just quit taking off after a while form an enemies airbase.[/size]

New Addition 7/2/15[/size]

8. When manually dropping Sonar Buoy's if the load out has both Active and Passive buoy's have a window pop up asking weather you would like to drop and Active buoy (A) or Passive Buoy (P). It seems that you have no idea when you drop a buoy using (.) in the unit window what type you are launching.[/size]

New Addition 3/15/16

9. AI select's all ammo from one mount/ship and then goes to the next mount and ship with out regards to the ROF of the mount. AI selects way too much gun ammo to destroy target. Missiles are the same way. Sometimes I have to "0" out all ammo and start from scratch. The AI even selects ammo that will not damage or shoot down a target. A box to select auto ammo or manual select ammo.



New Addition 6/2/16


10. Current magazine count to limited to 13,108 magazines causing db to crash when imported. If possible could the magazine count be increase.



11. A count of the amount of ammo left in magazines at the completion of a Scenario.

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My Harpoon Wish List:




7. More consistent launch of aircraft from the AI. Air patrols just quit taking off after a while form an airbase.


I'd never noticed that, do you mean your own side repeat air patrols or the enemy air patrols?


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The AI forgets to attack new player threats after a while in scenarios (as of 2009.076). Most scenarios don't last long enough to show the issue but it is there nonetheless. Long range patrols, attacks, etc. continue on as they should but the AI response to newly detected player threats falls flat after a while.

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