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Database issue (?)...Super Frelon


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I tried to place the SA 321G Super Frelon (and the variants, the SA 321 Ga and the Chinese Zhi-8) on carriers, but they are not listed as carrier-capable aircraft (i.e., they don't show up in the list of aircraft that can be added to a carrier). I suspect this is a database issue, so I figured I better report it. Thanks!



HUD 4 v1.11

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It has the "carrier capable" flag for both DB variants. Have you tried a similar sized helo?




This is what I found out...the Frelons can be added to a carrier that has a "large aircraft" runway. The same is true for the CH-53s. The question, I guess, is whether the Chinese carrier (and similar vessels that are now listed as having "medium aircraft" runways) should be set to carry these large helicopters or not.

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Okay...curiouser and curiouser, as Alice would say...


Large helicopters can be loaded on SOME ships with STOL runways (LHD 1 Wasp) but not on others (DDH 181 Hyuga). Perhaps the Hyuga has the wrong flag checked in the database? Or perhaps it is the right flag (i.e., it can only handle medium helicopters), but something is off in the description of the ship?


Something else...the CH-53 is listed is a large helicopter, but the MH-53 can be carried by ships with medium aircraft runways. But aren't these the same size? Or is the MH-53 specially equipped so it can be flown off smaller ships?


In any event, the question seems to be not the aircraft but whether the SHIP has the right runway type. At least, that's what I can figure out without being able to open up the database and play around with things.


I hope all this helps, Gunny. Let me know what you can figure out at your end.

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