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The US as the Red?


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Just brainstormed the morning and thought how some of you would think of the US being the aggressor, the Red side? I've been researching the US Navy's return to Subic Bay and the reaction of the Philippines and China yet I haven't heard any reaction from Russia or North Korea. Some groups in the PI are against the return of the 7th Fleet and China seems neutral for the most part.


So first off, has anyone read how China and North Korea are reacting to the US returning to its Cold War roots in Subic and second, your thoughts of the US annexing the PI in a Harpoon 3 scenario? China would appear to be the forerunner against the US occupying the island nation and with North Korea still struggling against unification, a US held PI would cause most certainly some tense headlines. Third, who would be the major players? US, China, and North Korea most likely but how do the minor players handle this such as Vietnam, Japan and South Korea? Finally, Russia's posture possibly siding with China presumably?


The link is a story to the involvement of China in North Korea, possibly a tie-in to the scenario perhaps?




Thanks everyone involved for making this a fun and challenging game.


Steve Raymond



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