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File - Middle East - The Sinking of INS Eilat, 21 October 1967, alternate scenario.

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File Name: The Sinking of INS Eilat, 21 October 1967, alternate scenario.

File Submitter: broncepulido

File Submitted: 13 Jan 2013

File Category: Middle East


The sinking of INS Eilat 1967, an alternative and hypothetical scenario.


Image: Project 183R Komar-class missile boat, enhanced by Esquilo from the book of Leszek Komuda "Mały okręt rakietowy", Wydawnictwo MON, Warszawa, 1974. Source: Wikipedia.


A Harpoon Commander's Edition scenario for the Middle East Battleset and the HCCW-120614 Cold War Platform Database.


This scenario is designed for play by the Israeli/Blue or the Egyptian/Red side, to avoid spoilers is better to play the first time the Red/Egyptian side.


In the aftermath of the Six Days War, only four months later, the Egyptian Navy achieved a technical and propaganda victory on 21 October 1967 with the sinking of the Israeli destroyer INS Eilat, the first warship sink in anger with a ship-launched anti-ship missile (In WWII some ships were sunk with anti-ship missiles, but all were air-launched), struck with three of the P-15 Termit/SS-N-2a Styx fired at her (A 75% hit rate).

One of the naval skirmishes of the Arab-Israeli Wars, this historical event marked the evolution of the naval combat for the next years, and forced the Israeli Navy to retire his destroyer-size ships, and to develop more advances in missiles and electronics.

The actual sinking of Eilat was a one-sided scenario, the Soviet-build and designed Project 183R Komar missile boats firing against the Israeli ships at some 13.5 nautical miles range, even yet inside the port (but is also worth of mention the exported Soviet missile boats were not equipped with ESM capable of provide targeting).

In this hypothetical scenario some little elements are added or changed to do the situation playable for both sides.

The embryo of the reconstructed Egyptian Air Force after the Six Days War debacle can provide some air cover, as also the Israeli Air Force, both forces with Mach 2 fighters equipped with short-range IR missiles and partly represented with a 20% of strenght, but with not all the ground strike types represented to center the scenario in the naval action.


Enrique Mas, January 2013.


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