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File - BattleSet - Mark's H3 ANW Scenarios for the HUD


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File Name: Mark's H3 ANW Scenarios for the HUD

File Submitter: JSF

File Submitted: 05 Jan 2013

File Category: BattleSets


This Battleset includes all scenarios Mark has written for H3 ANW so far. All scenarios are written with and for the official H3 ANW/HUE database, the HUD series. I´ve rebuilt all of them with the latest HUD 4 version, 1.11.


Don´t forget to download this latest HUD 4 version.



Have fun with Mark´s masterpieces!




Installation guide:


Just unzip the file under your ../databases\HUD4\scenarios folder. I`ve created a battleset file, the dsd-file.


Click here to download this file

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I would like to thank Ralf again for taking the trouble to do all this work. I would also like to say that, in all honesty, I don't consider these masterpieces. They represent my earliest attempts to put together scenarios for ANW and while I think they're mostly pretty good, I have to admit a few of them are a bit rough around the edges. I have a long way to go before I put out anything I'd consider a Harpoon masterpiece. :) But it seems like people are downloading the battleset (over 70 so far, it looks like) and I hope people are having fun!

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don´t underestimate your scenario design skills. Even those first H3 ANW efforts are REALLY worth playing. You are a (maybe the) master of small, complex scenarios and those clearly demonstrate that. It was my pleasure bundling them. As I´m slowly on my way back, I´ll redo the Mark Gellis Battleset, including all your scens up to the most current one.


Thanks for all your brilliant work, Mark!



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