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F-16I loadouts question


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Thanks, Gunny. I also noticed that the F-15I ("Thunder") cannot use AIM-120 or the Derby, only the AIM-7. Is that the way it is supposed to be or was that (those?) loadout(s) left off by accident?






Thanks again, Gunny.

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I have not yet seen an IOC for the derby with The IAF. Currently Every Loadout I see has either AIM-120 or AIM-7 still. It appears to date that the Derby is an export only missile since the IAF can purchase AIM-120Cs just fine.


F-15s can carry a total of 2 Python 4 or Python 5 Missiles (Outer shoulder pylon only.) That means the other two shoulder Pylons need to have AIM-9L/M Onboard.


Hope that helps

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Sanity check report: F-15I and F-16I miss a critical asset in HUD4 preventing them from firing AIM-120. Problem identified and solved, will be in the next HUD4 delivery (about 3 weeks to wait, but patience will be rewarded)



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