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File - Middle East - Battle of Baltim, 9 October 1973, Hypotetical Scenario

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File Name: Battle of Baltim, 9 October 1973, Hypotetical Scenario

File Submitter: broncepulido

File Submitted: 18 Nov 2012

File Category: Middle East


Battle of Baltim, 9 October 1973, Hypothetical Scenario.


A Harpoon Commander's Edition scenario for the Middle East Battleset and the HCCW-120614 Cold War Platform Database.


This scenario is designed for play by the Israeli/Blue or the Egyptian/Red side, to avoid spoilers is better to play the first time the Blue/Israeli side.


On the third day of the Yom Kippur War, a couple of days after the Battle of Latakia, on the 8-9 October 1973, a confrontation between Israeli and Egyptian fast missile boats outcome the same result as the previous combat. The same ships and weapons types as in the Battle of Latakia, the Israeli side only can rely on his superior electronics, ESM, ECM and decoys to win, also, the semiactive radar guided missile Gabriel I has less range but more precision than the Soviet SS-N-2a Styx/P-15 Termit. But, if the missiles are expended and they are enemy warships remaining, the Israeli boats are better and longer ranged guns.


Also, at front of the Israeli warships is the same Commander Michael Barkai, called Yoni, first arrived only with two boats on the Egyptian shores with a margin of some hours after the victory off the Syrian coast near Latakia. Up to ten missile boats assembled the Israelis north of Egypt, but as many of them have noy fully refueled after the mission in Syria they retire before the combat (of the four boats retired, only is historically determined the identity of INS Miznak, the initial flagship of Barkai).

On the Egyptian side, four Osa I missile boats sortied from Alexandria to protect the Egyptian north shore, and other four sortied from Port Said to flee to Alexandria but returned when the Israeli counter-offensive stalled.


On this hypothetical scenario are included the Israeli and Egyptian warships who by few minutes retired and elude the historical battle.


Unnamed places are:

ZRb and ZUp: Baltim, Egypt.

ZTp: Damietta, Egypt.


Click here to download this file

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The happening was more complex: with the new site interface, I don't know how I posted two times the historical scenario, and later I delete one of the two post.

The idea is two scenarios and threads, one for the historical scenario and another for the hypothetical scenario :unsure:

Also, I've observed each time I post the scenario, the zip file with the concrete scenario files appears two times (I enter each time later and delete one of the redundant zip files with the scenario data and instructions).

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Is an easy issue, in the new interface I load a zip file with the compressed scenario and scenario orders file for the new scenario.

When some minutes later I return for minor issues (text details, photo size or so) I saw the scenario zip file, loaded only one time, is present twice. Later Idelete one of them to avoid confussions.

This thing I think it's not mine error, because I saw the same twin scenario zip files in all the three scenarios I published yesterday (yes, one of the scenarios was duplicated by error and later deleted, but the question is the uploaded zip files in each scenarios are duplicated apparently by the forum engine).

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