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File - Pledge 12: Passage to Denmark (1991)


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File Name: Pledge 12: Passage to Denmark (1991)

File Submitter: Mgellis

File Submitted: 30 Oct 2012

File Category: Scenarios


Task Force Romeo has completed an intelligence gathering mission in the Baltic and is now on its way back to Copenhagen. However, with the Soviet Union on the verge of collapse, tensions between it and the West are rising, and the task force needs to be careful not to spark an international incident on its homeward voyage.


Image: German guided missile destroyer Rommel (D 187) underway alongside the U.S. Navy battleship USS Iowa (BB-61) in 1986. (Photo ID:DNST8707145; Camera Operator: PHC JEFF HILTON.)


Click here to download this file

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Thanks! I hope you like the scenario.


I use the ANW scenario editor--to be honest, I don't know if 3.6.3 will even work with the HUD-4.


My computer says I am running Harpoon 3 Advanced Naval Warfare: H3CA Version (I don't use the 3.11 beta--I'm waiting for the official release--I don't know if running the scenario under 3.11 would create any odd effects.)


I haven't seen any odd behavior in the scenario yet, but of course even with a small scenario there are so many variables that I could have missed something. As far as I can tell, the platforms are all operating properly.


Thanks again. I look forward to your feedback.

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Hi Mgellis... thanks for your reply. I had created a few scenarios in the past which I intended to release, involving mostly forces from my native country, Venezuela (although I live in Panama nowadays), and I recall encountering some strange issues in the scenario editor which stopped me from continuing with the building process. That was some time ago tho', and maybe things have changed. If I ever get a hold of them (must be somewhere in my hard drive) I'll try to update them to HUD4 and see if there I manage to avoid the problems I've had before.




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Played Passage to Denmark (1991) with mixed results.


1) TF Romeo sucessfully made the transit to Copenhagen without a scratch yet I lost 8 aircraft, essentially losing the scenerio. The game is set up in a way that allows the player to have contacts auto-identified or not. This is my downfall as I have yet to sucessfully play a scenerio where I have to send my A/C to ID bogies and end up getting positive ID's on them at the cost of my own A/C being shot down. It's difficult to say how to engage a contact when one has to be nearly on top of the other.

2)The 2 sub contacts that I had seen could not be positively ID'd so I steered clear of them. They didn't appear to be very aggressive or did they not see the TF? I had them blazing through at flank speed and possibly just out ran them.

3)The AIM7's and AIM9's didn't fare well against the MIG's or even the TU-16's. I Had to eventually send the F16's in with cannon fire to down the Badger and the TF took care of the MIG's once they were in range of the SM-1's.

4)The surface vessels were difficult to attack with Harpoons from the TF but Kormorons up close with active jammers did the job.


The scenerio took a bit to develop but once it got going it got nasty. Not a lot of enemy SSM attacks but the Russian aircraft made the transit difficult. Just as fun of a scenerio with less contacts and assets as mine with 200+ aircraft and two dozen ships.



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Glad you enjoyed it. Yes, dealing with aircraft can be challenging...by the time you realize an aircraft is hostile, it may have already done the same and fired, and in air combat seconds count like crazy. And you can't just shoot down anything you see because I usually put a few civilian aircraft into a scenario. :)

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