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Trivia Question: Movie Featuring F 346 Flora


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A trivia question for all of you out there...


What 1961 movie features the F 346 Flora of the Royal Danish Navy?


Hint: A line from the move is "There is no reason to be afraid. The military has everything in hand." (This, of course, pretty much guarantees that everything will go pear-shaped almost immediately.)

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My poor guess is The Guns of Navarone given it is the only 1961 waterish war movie I know.


Not even close, sir. :)


Here are a few more hints...


* Think low budget

* There is a lot of stock footage of Copenhagen

* The Flora hits her target...and people quickly realize this was not a smart thing to do...

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Thanks to the hint and aid-memoire of Mack, very probably the movie is Reptilicus (1961):




http://godzilla.wikia.com/wiki/Reptilicus (mention about the use of depth charges against Reptilicus).

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