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Government Set for U-Turn on Aircraft Carrier


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From Portsmouth News




Government set for U-turn on aircraft carrier

By Michael Powell

Published on Wednesday 6 June 2012 10:05


THE government is set to perform another U-turn in the Royal Navy’s £6bn aircraft carrier programme.


The News understands the coalition’s plan to mothball one of the 65,000-tonne warships is to be scrapped.


Instead, both HMS Queen Elizabeth and HMS Prince of Wales will enter operational service in Portsmouth later this decade – as was originally planned by the former Labour government.

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No, no, Clemens. Those are 'Binary Digital Decision Generators', don'cha know! Gotta keep up to date ... :P :P :P



In a complex situation like this with so many variables, STOBAR vs CATOBAR, 1 or 2 carriers in servicem F35B VS F35b I greatly prefer a more complex decision making process..





The added benefit is that it makes about as much sense as their current process and is actually more predictable :rolleyes::P

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