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Russian Navy 30 year development plan by June


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From RIA Novosti




Russian Navy 30-Year Development Plan to be Ready by June

MOSCOW, February 6 (RIA Novosti)


Russia will develop a detailed 30-year plan of strengthening its naval forces by June 2012, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin wrote in his twitter account.




CV32: Nice shot of the Yury Dolgoruky.

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Do they ever, ya know, follow up on all these marvelous plans with action? :huh:


You sound disappointed. :P


But, to answer your question, there was this one guy named Sergei Gorshkov. He had a plan, and by all accounts did pretty well with it in something less than 30 years. ;)


I guess we will have to wait another 30 years to see if this one managed to get anywhere. B)

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:P Yeah, old Sergei did pretty well, indeed. However, I was referring to his most recent successors, who seem to have a new plan every couple of weeks, and not much else. And yeah, I am kind of disappointed. Russia should be a major world power, even without the old Soviet republics tacked on. It hurts to see them so screwed up, and it's not very good for global tranquility, either ... :(
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