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Help for MiniMBX "Magrev in flames"

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Hi all


I am Silver_Dragon, a Dual Lurker for the phase two in the Global Thunder operation and the lost persial gulf, sparky island MBX. I live in spain, and Me and the spanish comunity has very pleased for the megascale operation.


My intencion is make a limited operation similar at GT, with a Strategy Phase Web site, Operational Harpoon 4.1 Phase and and Computer simulator Air / Naval / Sea Tactical Phase.


Mi idea is make a Scenary in the Magrev - West Mediterranean zone



Spain, Portugal, Morroco



Argelia, Tunicia, Mauretania, Libia


Phase I Strategy: 6 months - 1 year of game time, 3 Vs 3 leaders

Phase II Operational 8 hours phase / Indeterminate time Tactical computer game


The Redforce Joind forces in a Republic at Start of Scenary, and has one year to make plans, manriskovas, recons and other operation to make the operation sucerfuly, in the end of the year, the invasion start and the phase II comence if the red objetives make sucerfuly of the militar machinery of redforce has defeated.


I have only a little idea for the operation and a ORBAT to forces possible, I look your GT website looking for Strategy and Operatioal Phase rules but no found any for them. Are you some rules or guides for make operatives this phases and a guide for operation to help me to make that operation?


Any recomendation, help o issue?


Thanks for your time, Bye ;)

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Hi Silver Dragon. Welcome ! We love talking about play by e-mail (PBEM) and MBX gaming around here almost as much as Harpoon, so feel free. If you're part of an ongoing game, though, please don't give anything away that might jeopardize that game. Loose lips sink ships, as they say.


Global Thunder was a great bit of fun and a real learning experience for me. I was the Red Navy commander, and while it was more than a little nerve wracking to see our glorious fleet slowly chewed up by Blue, our ultimate victory was the reward.


This website (HarpGamer) wasn't created until after Global Thunder was over and done, and we weren't running that wargame in any capacity, so unfortunately we wouldn't have any rule sets or guidelines that might help you out there.


What you might do, though, is get in contact with Bill Jennings who is running a new MBX from this website. Otherwise, feel free to ask questions here and bounce around your ideas. :)

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