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IADS in scenerios


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I'm having quite the time putting into place an IADS system into a scenerio. What I'm not understanding in the advanced manual is placing a central command on one side (friendly) and then putting up another side (neutral) for the SAM batallions and having all of them linked together through data links. Can anyone simply explain how this is done? If a site is labeled as friendly how am I going to be able to attack it? And the real big question is how do I have two sides communicate with eachother through data links that have differnet postures?

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Hi Steven.


To have IADS in place, here's what should be done:

-create one main side, hostile to you

-create as many sub-sides, which will be friendly to the main side, hostile to you. If you want 100% integrated defense network, 1 side is enough. If you want to create "regional commands", each regional command (i.e side) should be friendly to the main side, neutral to each other regional command, and hostile to you.


Hope this helps, have a nice day,



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IADS is difficult to implement because of the nature of the communications network in H3. It's by no means impossible but to do it in a realistic manner will require using multiple sides and a bit of work. There is a wiki article about it:


Centralized Air Defense


If you have any questions, please don`t hesitate to ask.




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