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RIP Darren Buckley (aka HUD3)


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Please use this thread to express your thoughts and condolences on the passing of a honoured member of our Harpoon community, Darren Buckley of Melbourne, Australia.


I don't have much to say, other than it was quite evident to anyone (even if you did not know him beyond the Interwebz) that Darren had a passion for our game that went well beyond the ordinary. His work on the Harpoon Users Database (HUD) was just one example of that. His contributions here will be missed, for sure.

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Darren will be sorely missed. He was a Harpoon titan and yet so very human. A chat would often consist of 5 minutes of Harpoon talk and an hour of very interesting education on some aspect of warfare in general. He gave freely of his time, often too freely. Rest in peace Darren.



An obituary: http://tributes.heraldsun.com.au/obituarie...1&fhid=8258


Old Pooners Group on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/groups/143822619011193 (look for Ed's post 'Darren, You will missed greatly by us.')


Harpoon bio from way back when: http://www.harpoonpages.com/Bios/bio090.htm


Darren's Pooner award: http://www.harpoonpages.com/pooner1998.htm


Some of Darren's HUD2 files just to show his openness... If you wanted to know how he derived values you would ask and he'd provide the spreadsheet or formulas. http://www.harpoonpages.com/harpoon2.htm


H3/ANW databases (note that all but one is Darren's work or a derivative): http://harpgamer.com/harpforum/index.php?a...s&showcat=4


Frans' HUD3 area: http://www.taitennek.com/hud3-db/hud3-index.htm

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My sympathy goes to Darren's family in this time of sadness. Very much appreciated guy here, always ready to help; and also willing to improve the work on Harpoon. Sad we'll never meet in this world, but we need to celebrate someone who dedicated himself to Harpoon. It depends on us to go on with Darren's work. RIP fellow.





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There's been a few things going on with me personally lately [promotion at work, house purchase and moving] and this really compounded it to the point that I haven't been doing so hot in the last 24 to 36 hours since I heard he died. He was a gentleman and could discuss anything with anyone. I'm having some real difficulty in accepting that he's gone.


All I can say right now is that wherever he is, it's definitely a better place.


I'll see you on the other side old friend.

D :(

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I was just stunned and saddened to hear this. I hope his family knows just how many of us out here knew and appreciated him.


He was so very helpful to me when I re-entered the Harpoon world after a decade-long hiatus. I remember several long emails back and forth as he patiently explained things to me, and he even gave me an advance preview of his next database, along with several of my favorite scenarios.


What a great guy. I hope his example can inspire all of us who are passionate about Naval/Air warfare. I think he would want us to keep that flame burning very brightly.

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I wonder what will happen to the HUD now. Is someone else going to take it over?


Make no worry on that, HUD will go on even if Darren has passed away. More information to follow as they become available, but be sure of one thing: work is in progress.


Best regards,


François "Gunny" Guérin

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