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The mystery dogfight

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As this was conducted as research for my upcoming RP, Carrier, I'm not going to reveal what the precise aircraft types were. All I'll say was that BLUFOR consisted of four 4.5th gen heavy fighters and two strategic aircraft, while REDFOR consisted of six 4th gen light fighters.


REDFOR had bounced BLUFOR after hacking into the country's air defence system, but BLUFOR spotted the attack in time to take evasive action and pickle drop tanks, so neither side started with an advantage.


In two turns, both strategic aircraft were down with only one REDFOR fighter, although the crews managed to escape. BLUFOR took its revenge on REDFOR, killing a total of three fighters and damaging three more, the last while bugging out (I assumed that BLUFOR lobbed everything at the last guy as he left and deemed it an automatic hit).


Not a good day for BLUFOR - a bit of a national embarrassment actually...

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Were you using the "new" Air Rules for Harpoon...even if they are a few years old now.


"New" Air Rules


The old ones.


"RP" stands for Role-Play. I'm creating a Play-By-Post roleplay at Phoenix Roleplaying.


In terms of what it is; it's basically a collective story. Players post what their character says/does etc. in third person narrative and the GM adjudicates any combat as appropriate. I'm looking to use a variant on the H4.1 rules for the air combat in this.

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