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World War III

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Chaos is rampant in the Pacific. Japan and Russia are engaged over a large find of oil reserves at Sakhalin Island. China must crush Hong Kong secessionists who have declared their independence; failure is not an option as Taiwan and others would surely follow suit. North Korean brinksmanship is at a new peak. DPRK forces are massed at the border and threatening to invade the ROK unless Pyongyang is granted an impossible package of economic concessions. In short, every hot spot in the region is about to boil over! (Released March 2005).


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43 minutes ago, Palex80 said:

I tried playing this, but it keeps crashing about 10 min into game time. Not sure why...

Can you send a saved game shortly before the crash and any instructions to reproduce the crash?  Also, if you could post the first 10 lines or so of your GE.log file that'll give information about what version of the game you are using.

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