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File - Benin Blockade 1975

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File Name: Benin Blockade 1975

File Submitter: Mgellis

File Submitted: 29 May 2011

File Updated: 27 Jul 2012

File Category: Scenarios

DB Used: HUD3 1.61

Authors: Mark Gellis

Battleset: No Information


Well, here's another Cold War scenario: French vs. Soviet forces, triggered by a Marxist revolution in Benin, formerly a French colony. I think I did better putting things together this time. :) Please let me know what you think. Thanks.


Click here to download this file

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I've just added the T-47 classes for the French, so you may have to revise the scenario at some point in the near future with more suitable platforms. In fact since you raised the issue of older French vessels, I've found the Official Harpoon 4.1 Data Annex has a completely flawed T-47 Tartar entry and will be forwarding the corrections to Larry Bond shortly.





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Don't forget the aforementionated good source for French warships data:




Err ... Tartu ( was a T-53 with increased capability of tracking and control of aircrafts and not a T-47) and not Tartar ;) :



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