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File - MEDC - "Iron Lady" SNS Dedalo, Mediterranean ASW 1989

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File Name: "Iron Lady" SNS Dedalo, Mediterranean ASW 1989

File Submitter: broncepulido

File Submitted: 17 Apr 2011

File Category: MEDC


A Mediterranean basically ASW scenario inspired by the old scenario booklets of the Harpoon 3 series of the late 1980s and early 1990s, good for easy gameplay and for testing generic tactics and weapons. Actually is a mix-up of individual naval scenarios as only the Computer Harpoon can provide. And reflecting all the knowledge adquired the last years in some matters, as about Soviet/Russian platforms and forces composition.

The scenario is also a tribute to the USS Cabot CVL-28/SNS Dedalo R01 and her American and Spanish crews. Dedalo/Cabot was a Leyte Gulf veteran, survivor of two Kamikaze impacts and many more suicide attacks, and called by Admiral Halsey "Iron Lady". Serving in the Spanish Armada from 1967 as helicopter carrier and equipped with Harriers from 1972, historically Dedalo was decommisioned contemporary to the scenario timeline, traversed the Atlantic Ocean the last time from 12 July 1989 towards New Orleans and was sadly scrapped on 2002 after some failed attempts to preserve she as museum ship.


The scenario reflects the start of the conventional WWIII as was forecasted for about 1989, the first movements in the Mediterranean Sea to determinate the early control of the sea lanes, and the first days of open combat after the previous period of Phoney War.

Modification 18 April 2011: missing ASW patrols in the Dedalo group added.

Modification 9 May 2011: 1xalternative starting point changed for Agosta, to prevent running aground.


Enrique Mas, April 2011


Click here to download this file

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