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Germany vs India

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Watched the video yesterday, of the moments immediately prior to the collision.


Like watching a traffic accident in slow motion.


In any event, I'll be surprised if they spend the rupees to salvage her.



was already on shedule to be scrapped next year.... so the frigate will go to the breakers a bit earlier B):rolleyes:

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Watched the animation of the collision, freighter seems to have just clipped the starboard stern corner of the frigate - should that have reasonably caused it to burst into flames? Just seems awfully fragile for a warship.


Warships seem to love to catch fire. I don't think the exact cause of this fire has yet been determined, but she is apparently spilling oil and I can only assume something in the area of her propulsion and fuel systems was ruptured in the collision and subsequently the ship's insulation caught fire.


Her sister Taragiri also suffered a serious fire a few years back, and for that matter, at least one other vessel of the same type (Leander), HMS Juno caught fire after being rammed.

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