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Found 9 results

  1. Hey TonyE Was playing the Block 2 Mediterranean Scenario and came upon a BOA crash event. Version 2022.006 Scenario Block 2 Battleset Med 2003 DB 15928 Upon launching a group or Growlers with decoy I launched them at a base with the expected results. I also did the same with a group of F18E with slammers with the expected results I then tried to use BOA attacks of which both ordinance I believe are capable of. In both case the believe attached png was the result and upon clicking any button shut down the game. I have attached a test scenario for testing. I simply launched both set of aircrafts to attack red base directly. I then use a bearing only attack at the base and receive the error provided in the test file provided. Thanks TonyD testmald.zip
  2. Hey Tony While helping Eric on a issue I became aware of an issue. We find out that a 0kts problem Eric was having occur in version 2021.014 but was not occurring with his test scenario with my computer which was only at 2021.012. He down his version and it fixed the problem for him. I decided to update to 2021.014 but got the attach popups. I tried to do this with the latest 2022 version with same effect. I then tried to go back to 2018 version to start reloading up to the latest version but the same popups occurred. It seems to indicate my winharp.exe is now out dated. I changed nothing an use the process of updates to the latest version of 2021.012 with no problem but when tried bumping up to 2021.014 the popups showed up. TonyD
  3. I was playing Pac.6 with data base 170909. After getting a couple of hours in to game time I experience game crash to desktop during a save, both manually and autosave, with the save game becoming corrupt and unable to reload. The popup at times would give me GetMemAnnexA Error: !IS_DISK)65535 [oxffff]) = 65536. I began to repeat the process with a game save about a minute before the crashes would occurred repeatedly and attempted save game would not reload as I believed it was corrupted. I then noticed an event the proceeded the save crashes. The AI's helicopters would start crashing due to no intervention of my own mainly in task groups. Once this event took place a saved game attempt, manually or auto, would result in the crash to desktop and corrupt save game. I have tried to recreate it with a smaller scenario but this even seems to take place over time or only when large scenarios are played. I am not sure if this issue has been address before about the save game crashes but know the AI aircraft crashes have in the pass. I have a saved game that proceeds the event about by a minute and I saved manually every five seconds prior to the AI aircraft crash on their own. Once the aircraft crash any attempted save crashes to desktop and the saved game produce becomes corrupt. As the event happens at the same time every time I am not sure if the game timer would contribute to it. I am attaching my saved game that is not corrupted and the resulting save game after the event in which I think it was corrupted. My process was to load the good save and immediately save to another save game for testing to preserve the last good save. The Pac save game is the good save while the autosave was the corrupt save. As by the large change in the save game files a bit seems to be missing in the autosave. One other note is if I turn save to 0 minutes, no autosave, the crash happens. PAC4.hpq autosave.hpq
  4. Issue Information ⦁ Issue ID #000175 ⦁ Issue Type Issue ⦁ Severity 0 – None Assigned ⦁ Status 21 - Fix Coded ⦁ Version ⦁ Fixed in Weapons range rings missing on aircraftPosted by Tony on 05 January 2017 - 03:29 PM I recently finished reloading HCE to my computer after the 2017 expiration date. The following is the update path I used 2007.00 Disk 2008.24 2008.44 2009.50 2015.27 Matix patch 2016.11 2016.03 When I resumed playing I notice lauched aircraft showed range rings for sensors but the weapons range rings were missing thought on ships and bases all rings showed up. I the tested first by lauching formation aircrft including helo and fix winged and repeated the process with patrols. The rings would only show up after I separated the aircraft out of formation or split the patrol aircraft. I was using the latest databases and tested seperately with version 2016.11 and then loaded 2016.03 which are the latest for a stable beta. Both had the same results. I made a file containing a test scenerio I used and four picture files showing the group and unit map after each occurance. Note weapons range rings were on at time air surface and asw. 1 Shows initial lauch of formation and patrol aircraf. 2 Shows rings appearing after patrol aircraft are split. 3 Shows only formation aircrft left in air but patorls RTB 4 Shows when formation aircraft were split from carrier group and rings appear. Sorry TonyE I could fine not issues similiar to this one but I probably missed it Issue-175-Weapons-range-rings-missing-on-aircraft.pdf Ringtest.zip Ringtest 2.zip
  5. After the air to air guidance issue was fixed I decided to test other guided munitions such as torps and stand off missile. Test scenario and two saves attached. AGM such as the Taurus, Scalp egg and Storm shadow displayed repeatedly to lose direction when launch at multiple targets from one attacking group. It would guide to one of the designated targets then turn either to 0 degree heading or 180 degree heading prior to impact on any of the targets. I then repeated the test attacking each target separately and achieved correct results with hits on all targets attacked separately. Torpedoes responded the same whether single target attacks or multiple target attacks were launched. The torpedoes used were the latest advanced wire guided I believe would guide to the target through wire corrections. In both attack test the torpedoes continued in the original launch direction and did not altered course at all though in the group window it appeared like they were as was the case with the air to air mid-course guidance report. The test simulated an attack on base with the multiple target launch scenario and three separate single target attacks. The torpedo attacks were of a single ship in the group attack and an single launched attack on both ships. The saves show the behavior of both the torpedoes and AGMs after launch and its path to the targets. Tests1 prelaunch Test2 Launch multiple targets single attack. Test3 Launch single target attacks and results of weapons performance Guidance test.zip
  6. I was playing Giuk1 scenerio with the new 2018.05 version with DB 150928 and also tried with 150621. I notice that missile in all versions with midcource guidance would adjust path if target adjusted path unlike inertia and terminal guidance which would only if the target was still in it own sensors range of detection. I engaged with both aim120 and meteors and in all cases the missile directional arrows of flight in group window would point to the intended target yet it would not adjust course to pursue regardless of distance to target and sensors of launch aircraft on or off. They acted as if they did not have the midcourse guidance flag present. The is the first timeI have ever seen this while playing. As this is the newest version I am not sure if it is produced by new methods of defeating midcourse guidance by ECM or decoys. I have attached a small test scenario with 150621 db in I launched the E3 60 km 0 degrees on patrol and launch four typhoons to surface attack red base. The red base will have 3 pairs of F16 MLU on patrol west of base at 60 km spread. Once the E3 was launched and activated red base cap break to intercept. I then redirect blue typhoons to engage F16 and fire once in maximum range causing them to redirect to attack me. I expected my missiles to alter course to intercept F16 but never altered course though if watched in group display directional arrows for missiles point towards intended target without changing course. I am posting it here as I am not sure if posting to issue tracker is recommended. Test.zip
  7. Issue Information Issue ID #000123 Issue Type Issue Severity 0 – None Assigned Status 23 – Fix Accepted By Reporter Version 2015.022 Fixed in 2015.023 Ship missile loadout not adjusting in unit full reportPosted by Tony on 25 October 2015 - 07:32 AM I recentlystarted running version 2015.022 and database 150928 and I notice in ship missile lauching the group full report keep up with missile usage while the unit full report did not show missile usage on my ships. The scenerio was in Westpac WWW3 and tested with different units expending ordinance. I have included a test scenerio in which a Horizon class frigate intercepts a swarm of missiles larger then it's missile capacity. Issue-123-Ship-missile-loadout-not-adjusting-in-unit-full-report.pdf SHIP READOUT(zipped).zip
  8. Issue Information Issue ID #000194 Issue Type Issue Severity 0 – None Assigned Status 23 – Fix Accepted By Reporter Version 2017.011 Fixed in 2017.013 KC 10 tanker patrol behaviorPosted by Tony on 04 October 2017 - 01:07 PM I along with CV 32 have notice some peculiar support aircraft behavior and he has requested a scenario to show the behavior. Database used was HCDB 110531 also was observed in database HCDB 150631 In the provided scenario along with two save games I launch a variety of tanker along with fighter and AEW aircraft. First all aircraft as one plane formations as the first save shows. Expected behavior was for all aircraft to fly directly to designated patrol point. All aircraft except KC 1O extender tanker flew directly to patrol point of 45 degrees. The KC 10 extender took a direct northerly course of 0 degrees and maintained it. I then launch different two plane formations consisting of different composition. Expected behavior was for all aircraft to fly directly to designated patrol point. All formation containing a KC 10 extender tanker maintained a course of direct north 0 degrees and maintained it. The other formation without a KC 10 Tanker headed directly to a patrol point of heading 45 degrees. Issue-194-KC-10-tanker-patrol-behavior.pdf AIRTEST.zip
  9. Issue Information Issue ID #000192 Issue Type Issue Severity0 - None Assigned Status 23 - Fix Accepted by Reporter Version 2017.011 Fixed in 2017.013 Center circle of CVBG anomoly Posted by Tony on 26 September 2017 - 06:45 PM The action I notice after loading 2017.11 is any adjustment to the center ring of a carrier group causes the ships put in or adjusted to the in the center ring immediately changes it individual course to N NE. The ship type does not matter only that it seems a carrier has to have been their in the start. I have produce a test scenario with three saves after certain actions were taken to a CVBG ( AAC) and a SAG (ABS). The groups course is due south in all saves. In the first save it is after just adjusting both formations outer ring to 40 the CVBG ships in the center circle turn to approximately 35 degrees while the SAG center circle ships just made a slight adjustment and the headed south again. The carriers did not correct at all. In the second save I just readjusted the ships in the center circle causing the groups to react in the same way as before. In the third save I added the northern escort from the second ring to the center ring of both groups. In this case the added ship in the CVBG turn to a heading of 35 degrees and did not correct while the SAG escort added just adjusted and moved into the center ring. In short when adding any ship to the center circle of a group including a CV the response was to turn to 35 degrees and sail from the formation. I do want to give credit to the guys who keep updating this game and wish I could do more the just find issues but do enjoy the game and appreciate the work. Sorry for mistyped heading. Thanks for any help or advice once again Tony issue-192-center-circle-of-cvbg-anomoly.pdf CVtest.zip After splitting AC group.zip FormationKeeping.zip
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