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Found 21 results

  1. Low Priority: In the SE when moving the position of a group to a west longitude it lists the longitude as east.
  2. In the group window the ID for neutrals isn't showing. GE 2023.008 incase useful a small scenario attached in zip pack, westpac BS, hcdb2/170909 DB. NeutralIDsHCDB2Westpac.zip
  3. Land attack (only) missiles are hitting sea platforms. (another TonyD, Eric70, donaldseadog adventure) zip pack includes saved game LAM1.hpq and the scenario file, LAMissile-hcdb-Westpac,from which it has played, the xml file and the GE from a play of the saved game. In the saved game start a flight of three skipjack bombers have attacked the AD AAm with three vollies of KentC Land Attack missiles, and RTB. This plane /loadout combo can't directly attack sea groups( tested seaprately). The outcome varies with different plays but invariably some Kent over run the AD (or the AD is destroyed) and go on to hit the ship Xiangyanghong 21. The Kent shouldn't attack sea platforms, and maybe shouldn't attack their own side. Played with GE 2023.008, database is hcdb-150929, and battleset westpac. It is believed that this has been occurring in previous game versions. LAM1-hcdb-westpac.zip
  4. Carribean Basin BS, HCDA database, 2023.007 GE Assertion error popup, game proceeded normally after ignore button. Zipped: game save about 1 sec before occurrence, but not duplicated on replay. and GE.log enemy ship ZYS is detected and cobra helo of base AAB is selected to intercept aa-typebad.zip
  5. super slueth TonyD has found a number of older scenarios don't open in GE 2023.006, but can be opened in the current SE, saved with no changes, and they run. I've attached a zipped scenario that shows this defect. GE.log included, runs BS Medc2003, DB HCDB 150621. Don ge_OldScenWontOpen.zip
  6. This occurred in GE 2022.016 but repeated (different scenario) GE 2022.20 Error isn't reproduced in saved game from 1 and 4 seconds prior. GE.LOG file attached in zip, line 689,553 (game time 109392) shows: 109392 Combat5.c:1580 - G AMA:AirAttacker: ZZr.. AirTargetType = (a symbol not copied) 109392 Combat5.c:1602 - G ZZr:target_type = 1, range=4, bearing=88 109392 Combat5.c:1704 - after case, gflag=0, wrange=143, WR.weapon_range=143, attack type (type_aa)=0 Note the attacker is an F16 loaded with pavewave bomb 4 m range. (maybe a help, maybe a herring?) Scenario and two saved games from -1 and -4 seconds included. played in custom battle set with in built database included. 109392 Combat5.c:1791 - wrange Was TRUE, which means WR.weapon_range was TRUE 109392 Combat5.c:1803 - Having Staff ask Sir, the effective attack range for these aircraft is 143 NM. Target range is 4 NM. Should we close and attack? excepFltType_aa.zip
  7. uses GE 2023.002, included in zip: custom battleset southPacificIslands, hccw140314 db, GE.log screen shot saved game 1 sec before popup. game played on after ignoring error type-aa-invalid-ge.zip
  8. When ever I use the F10 message (reminder) generator the game crashes.
  9. In seemingly any game after setting radar to intermittent using F9 button, at game save game crashes
  10. using database hccw 140314 battleset westpac seen in GE 2022.027 scenario SlowTurn_CW_WestPac.scq starts with blue single ship group headed near north and detects a single ship red group just out of gun range approx due west. save game SlowTurn.hpq Blue group has been ordered to attack red group, it has calculated course to close and attack, out of range reported as 3 mile. Group continues on original course for 30 mins but during this time it continues to recalculate the course to close. save game SlowTurn+28.hpq is about 28 min after attack order, in about 2 mins the group will come around on heading for the latest course to close. Research tells me a destroyer should turn on about a 1/4 mile radius (~450 yds), at 30 knots it should do a half mile per min so turn about 90 deg in 45 sec. ? SlowTurn_CW_WestPac.zip
  11. If you wish to start a new Battleset inbuilt scenario and go to the appropriate menu then the description of the scenario should include only the scenario background but it also includes the Blue Orders. The screen shots are from BS giuk 2003, but it seems other BS are the same. Not a critical error effecting play so low priority.
  12. Attached is a simple scenario for westpac BS HCDB2 DB that was used to produce the screen shots, one from scenario editor, one from game. Looking at the weapon LS-6 in the appropriate loadouts for the JH-7B aircraft in Scenario editor it is listed as surf (attack) while in game it is listed as land (attack) and won't attack sea targets. This makes it possible for the scenario writer to send out patrols that are not appropriately loaded for the intended target. MSBS-Loadout.zip
  13. use GE 2022.014, database HCDB2-170909, westpac BS In the zip is the scenario used to produce the saved game, (Important) start the scenario with auto formation patrols enabled, this produced the first MCM Sea Dragon patrol unit AA-001 which is patrolling correctly at low alt to the north east. At game start a second Sea Dragon is set via formation editor F3 to patrol to the south west and is unit AA-002, it is patrolling at medium alt and not dropping any markers. (alts can be seen in the toolbox window) In the formation editor box 001 unit is shown as an ASW Patrol, 002 unit as an AEW Patrol. I would expect both instances to patrol at low altitude and in the formation editor to be listed as ASW patrols. Game play suggests that the helos patrolling at medium alt are not detecting mines. Not shown to maintain simplicity, if an MCM helo is sent out as a Group to patrol it will fly and then hover at low alt, as expected. screenshot: MCMHelo.zip
  14. I've not been able to reproduce from saved games but runtime error for type-aa is occasionally occuring. see screen shot I'll continue to try for a reproducable saved game, it seems more likely to occur in larger rather than smaller scenarios.
  15. GE 2021.009 I tried HCDB and HCDB2, three separate scenarios within westpac battleset, two custom and one battleset scenario (#1), all consistent crash. Air units either in a patrol around a base or as '0' unit in an air group, select in unit window and select "speed" button and game crash every time. (rather disappointing as I got very excited when I saw it )
  16. as game goes past midnight the date remains the same, I'd expect it to go to the next date as midnight passes. atttached scenario for westpac battleset, hddb database. testdate.zip
  17. GE 2021.010, Test save game zip attached, using westpac battleset and hcdb 150929 database At point of start 3 fa 18 detect two helo and a ship. Total victory is to destroy a ship, min victory is to destroy a helo. If you first sink the ship then down the helo you only get min victory, I would expect you'd get both min and total victory as both conditions are met. If you down the helo then sink the ship you get your minimum vic (when helo is downed) and total when ship is sunk, as I'd expect. PS in the same scenario but with no minimum victory set you get total victory when you sink the ship so that is good. victest.zip
  18. Three patrols within formation about Richmond base have been set P3s dropping sonar buoys to track their path. See screen shot, the two P3s patrolling the centre circle only patrol the east of north 1/8th segment. I expect them to patrol the whole central circular zone. Attached is a saved game conducting the patrols, database HCDB, westpac battleset, GE 20221.009 BadFormPatrol.zip
  19. I might have wrongly read TonyE comments on the GE changes but assumed that if no total victory conditions are set in the scenario total victory will be granted if all enemy are destroyed but this doesn't happen if there are remaining neutrals.
  20. Issue Information Issue ID #000115 Issue Type Issue Severity 0 – None Assigned Status 23 – Fix Accepted By Reporter Version 2015.009 Fixed in 2015.010 lazGUI v 10 startup crash with custom scenarioPosted by donaldseadog on 13 July 2015 - 04:47 PM Using: Windows 7 HC GE 2015.0.0.9 lazGUI v 010 At startup (game time 0) game crashes with all custom scenarios I've tried, eg recent GIU2.scm (HCDB 150621). I've also tried older custom scenarios with same result. No problem with any battleset scenarios. crash report indicates lazGUI as the fault module. The crash is immediate so I have no saved game. Don Issue-115-lazGUI-v-10-startup-crash-with-custom-scenario.pdf
  21. Issue Information Issue ID #000116 Issue Type Issue Severity 0 – None Assigned Status 23 – Fix Accepted By Reporter Version 2015.010 Fixed in 2015.011 tanker aircraft refuelling when its the only unit in groupPosted by donaldseadog on 22 July 2015 - 04:14 AM Game version HC 2015.010 attached zipped test file using HCDB 150621 NACV EC2003 Active is one air group consisting of one unit comprising one tanker. In about 10 seconds (game time 120731) a refuelling event starts. The group now continuously goes through refuelling cycles. While this is not new now that refuelling operations continue until fuel is expired it becomes tedious. Also if the fuel to offload is small the "Refuelling is finished do you wish to split off tanker" request comes up at the end of each cycle. Reproducible, any situation with a tanker having no aircraft to refuel and group range relative to home base low. Issue-116-tanker-aircraft-refuelling-when-its-the-only-unit-in-group.pdf TankerRefuelSelf.zip
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