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Found 5 results

  1. During landing of Air Group, AC get locked up and all planes will not land. Group FiA landing at captured base Fuzhou, China (CHa) only will land 4 planes. ! plane will never land in game. The same thing has happened on Carrier Group AEC. Air Groups F1A, IvA, G0A, HXA, AaA, and EtA. This situation occurs if you exceed the # of runways the base or carrier is rated for. I attempted to create the same issue in a small test scenario and wasn't able to duplicate the issue. TonyD and I have both sen this issue. He brought it to my attention. Attached is a saved game 1 second before the air group lands. If any additional saved games are needed, please let me know. Air group EzAis also stuck in the same state landing at base FiA. Attached are saved game 1 second before air group lands. GE and SE log files. Copy of the db used for this game. AC Locking Up During Landing.zip
  2. (ZUa)When attempting to change destroyed air base (ZUa) to blue using Turncoat, receive "Side change failed, no group id available" message. Created a test scenario and was unable to duplicate the issue. Earlier in the game I converted a red base to blue base (DSa) using Turncoat. There was an update to Turncoat after base was converted to DSa due to a previous GE crash caused by Turncoat. It appears that the side in the Turncoat base resets it self back to the Red instead of the Blue side. I have restarted the GE several times and the issue persists. In my test scenario I was able to change the sides of a base to any option available with out a problem. Attached is my saved game. Update Test 1-25.zip
  3. Went to add some Chinese planes to a base while updating one of my scenarios. I couldn't find any Chinese Ships, Planes or Bases. Finally stumbled on them in the SE. It appears that Chine has been changed to Side. I checked the PE and China is listed for all db entries I checked. I have included a copy of the PE and SE files in the download. I checked multiple versions of my PE, the issue seems to be consistently there. I have updated other scenarios lately and haven't noticed before. I am using 2021.009 version of HC. I haven't checked older versions yet. A screen shot is below for your viewing pleasure! Spratly Island #3-7.zip
  4. Issue Information Issue ID #000001 Issue Type Issue Severity 0 – None Assigned Status 22 – Fix Verified Version 2007.000 Fixed in 2008.025 Cannon fire onlyPosted by TonyE on 09 September 2012 - 06:57 PM Scenario used: saved game Cannon fire only.hpi Long Description: When ordered to intercept with Sidewinders and Phoenix, Tomcats show the "Should we attack with only cannon fire?" message. The targets are well within Phoenix range. Even if target is inside the minimum range of Phoenix and _outside_ maximum range of Sidewinder, Staff Assistance should ask to engage and use the shorter-ranged Sidewinder as the basis and display a message like, "Effective range is 10nm. Target range is 15nm. Shall we close to intercept?" Sequence to reproduce: 1. Immediately order air group AFA to intercept ZLA. 2. Message will appear 3. If airgroup is left alone and checked once in range of Sidewinders, the Weapons allocation window appears Expected behaviour: Proper intercept window should appear calculated with range of shorter-ranged weapon. Observed behaviour: Incorrect message appears asking to engage with only Cannon fire. Issue-001-Cannon-fire-only.pdf
  5. Issue Information Issue ID #000149 Issue Type Issue Severity 0 – None Assigned Status 22 – Fix Verified Version 2016.002 Fixed in 2016.003 Can't launch P-3 for ASW attackPosted by TEPonta on 13 March 2016 - 10:23 PM After Unknown Sub Group OOU is detected, I attempt to launch a P-3 from Base AAa to attack. I went through all the normal steps to select the number and type of aircraft, but after executing the order, I get a window that says "Sir, we have no released weapons available to conduct an ASW attack". If I launch the aircraft on some other pretext and then order it to attack directly, all goes normally. Issue-149-Can't-launch-P-3-for-ASW-attack.pdf ASW.zip
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