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Found 5 results

  1. Issue Information ⦁ Issue ID #000166 ⦁ Issue Type Issue ⦁ Severity 4 – High ⦁ Status 11 – Cannot Reproduce ⦁ Version 2016.010 ⦁ Fixed in AI controlled air running out of fuel?Posted by CV32 on 12 November 2016 - 12:37 PM Noticed that AI controlled aircraft seem to be dropping out of the sky without my involvement. Also noticed (may or may not be related) that player controlled aircraft were not reporting low fuel until <10% remaining. Savegame attached is from Backyard I, Westpac. Stock HCDB 150928. Issue-166-AI-controlled-air-running-out-of-fuel.pdf redcrash.zip
  2. Issue Information ⦁ Issue ID #000164 ⦁ Issue Type Issue ⦁ Severity 0 – None Assigned ⦁ Status 11 – Cannot Reproduce ⦁ Version 2016.010 ⦁ Fixed in "Phantom" groups splitting groups in SEPosted by broncepulido on 05 November 2016 - 01:21 AM For sake of accelerate scenario building, many times I build a group with many units (Iranian MANPADS in this example), and later split it to place the diverse units on the map. Now, in SC 2016.10 (and probably in previous versions), if you split the group, the new group is not showed on the map at first instance. But you can select it alternatively with the space bar and delete keys, and after selected you can "change group position", and the new group is showed. Is a little molest when you're building scenarios, thanks. (attached very simple example, with only a Red side group with Iranian MANPADS, split it, select with the mouse the "mother" group (with 5 remaining MANPADS), change his position in the map, and you shouldn't see the "son" group (with only 1 MANPADS), select the "ghost/invisible" group with "space bar" or "delete" keys, change his "group position" in the map, and you should see now the "son" group, previously a invisible "ghost" group). Issue-164-Phantom-groups-splitting-groups-in-SE.pdf TEST GROUP SPLIT.zip
  3. Issue Information Issue ID #000174 Issue Type Issue Severity 0 – None Assigned Status 23 – Fix Accepted By Reporter Version 2016.010 Fixed in 2016.011 Unable to Shoot Down 255th Plane in PatrolPosted by eeustice on 06 December 2016 - 07:17 PM I almost forgot about this one. Spent 3 hrs last night to make it happen. Added more air groups to red base and changed which groups were on patrol. Unable to shoot down 255th patrol plane on land bases or TG's with guns or missiles Attached is a small scenario. Saved game with 255th plane patrol copy of Fictional db 161008. If you have any questions please let me know. Eric Issue-174-Unable-to-Shoot-Down-255th-Plane-in-Patrol.pdf 255th Plane.zip
  4. Issue Information Issue ID #000163 Issue Type Issue Severity 0 - None Assigned Status UNFILED Version 2016.010 Fixed in Orders of intercetion crashes planes at Very LowPosted by broncepulido on 17 October 2016 - 12:59 PM I saw some strange things playing the F-35A introductory scenario (my "personal" Portuguese F-16 are not NOE flight capables, and when the GE ask me "do you want go to 791 knots with the F-16 to intercept", they crashed against ground. Only after played the scenario many times I was suspecting something, but no clear yet). Yesterday playing the Occupy Norway 2016 scenario I saw more clearly the same case (longer interception ranges, more easy to see the phenomenon). At last I discovered how to reproduce the effect in the attached scenario. In the scenario F-35A and Portuguese F-16A MLU are replaced with poor USAF F-16A Blk 10 without NOE capability. Persevering in interceptions sometimes the GE will ask you "do yo want to go to 791 knots with the F-16", click on the "yes" button, and you will see the F-16 afterburning NOE, and crashing against the ground, as per the usual rules (aircraft, speed greater than 150 knots, and not NOE capable). If not reproduced the attached saved scenario shows the phenomenon in the F-16A group AGa. Thanks. Issue-163-Orders-of-intercetion-crashes-planes-at-Very-Low.pdf ERROUR VERY LOW.zip
  5. Issue Information Issue ID #000168 Issue Type Issue Severity 0 - None Assigned Status 10 - Confirmed Version 2016.010 Fixed in Returning to base aircrafts no landing Posted by broncepulido on 21 November 2016 - 01:30 PM Testing a few days ago the "Kuznetsov at Bay" scenario, I discovered at least two times an aircraft group with order to return to base a few minutes of gameplay ago, are not landing in Akrotiri, they're circling in the proximity of Akrotiry a few nm NE (one group is of Typhoons and the other or Tornadoes). Without more testing, at least I did save both situations as attached files. Perhaps some "out of the screen" circling could explain the mysterious loss of aircraft detected by Brad a few days ago. issue-168-Returning-to-base-aircrafts-no-landing-HarpGamer.pdf TEST LANDING 2.zip
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