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Found 7 results

  1. When using the autotest batch files against 2022.021 and 2022.022 Release builds, I'm getting assertions thrown in Stubs.c line 351, GetPtrSize. Even if I ignore the assertion, the GE exits soon afterward without warning. Instead of an exitcode of 0 (clean termination of the GE), I see an exitcode of -1073741819. I thought this might only be when using the AutoTest batch files where multiple copies of the GE are running simultaneously so I ran just EC2003 MEDC in single-file (one scenario at a time, one copy of GE running at a time) and still see the exitcode of -1073741819 for 50% of the scenarios (8 clean exits, 8 errors) so far. Error scenarios: EC2003 MEDC 3.0 Blue EC2003 MEDC 5.0 Blue EC2003 MEDC 7.0 Blue EC2003 MEDC 8.0 Blue EC2003 MEDC 9.0 Blue EC2003 MEDC 12.0 Blue EC2003 MEDC 2.0 Red EC2003 MEDC 4.0 Red EC2003 MEDC 5.0 Red EC2003 MEDC 6.0 Red EC2003 MEDC 7.0 Red
  2. In VBA7 the comdlg32.dll OpenFile dialog can't be used. I've tested the approach listed at ms access - Convert Open dialog VBA code to 64 bit - Stack Overflow and it works fine. Just need to integrate it correctly in the PE for the next build.
  3. Issue Information ⦁ Issue ID #000010 ⦁ Issue Type Issue ⦁ Severity 0 – None Assigned ⦁ Status 21 - Fix Coded ⦁ Version 2009.075 ⦁ Fixed in 2009.076 GE Main Window doesn't remember sizePosted by TonyE on 05 March 2013 - 09:33 PM I have not implemented the saving and restoring of the main window size since I turned off the Maximize upon game launch setting. This is a reminder to set up the saving and restoring of size and checking for whether the previous size is still valid (thanks to changed font dpi, monitor resolution changes, change in # or positioning of monitors) Issue-010-GE-Main-Window-doesn't-remember-size.pdf
  4. Issue Information ⦁ Issue ID #000056 ⦁ Issue Type Issue ⦁ Severity 0 – None Assigned ⦁ Status 21 - Fix Coded ⦁ Version 2009.097 ⦁ Fixed in 2015.008 SE - Add toggle AI force group path followingPosted by TonyE on 02 October 2013 - 11:06 AM This is for Brad He would like the ability to define in the SE whether AI groups should stay on their designed courses even when targets of opportunity arise. Currently surface and submarine groups will tear off after detected threats and never get back to their original course, greatly limiting the careful course plotting the scenario author laid out. The toggle will be per scenario and exposed somewhere in the SE's UI. At this time it will be one setting per scenario. Ideal might be a per-group setting as well as per-group type but that is not the intent of this feature request. Issue-056-SE-Add-toggle-AI-force-group-path-following.pdf
  5. Issue Information Issue ID #000001 Issue Type Issue Severity 0 – None Assigned Status 22 – Fix Verified Version 2007.000 Fixed in 2008.025 Cannon fire onlyPosted by TonyE on 09 September 2012 - 06:57 PM Scenario used: saved game Cannon fire only.hpi Long Description: When ordered to intercept with Sidewinders and Phoenix, Tomcats show the "Should we attack with only cannon fire?" message. The targets are well within Phoenix range. Even if target is inside the minimum range of Phoenix and _outside_ maximum range of Sidewinder, Staff Assistance should ask to engage and use the shorter-ranged Sidewinder as the basis and display a message like, "Effective range is 10nm. Target range is 15nm. Shall we close to intercept?" Sequence to reproduce: 1. Immediately order air group AFA to intercept ZLA. 2. Message will appear 3. If airgroup is left alone and checked once in range of Sidewinders, the Weapons allocation window appears Expected behaviour: Proper intercept window should appear calculated with range of shorter-ranged weapon. Observed behaviour: Incorrect message appears asking to engage with only Cannon fire. Issue-001-Cannon-fire-only.pdf
  6. Issue Information Issue ID #000087 Issue Type Issue Severity 0 – None Assigned Status 23 – Fix Accepted By Reporter Version 2014.017 Fixed in 2014.018 SE32 Variable Start Points do not show on creationPosted by TonyE on 04 October 2014 - 04:51 PM Steps to reproduce: 1. Create a course for a new group 2. Close out of the course editor 3. Add a variable start point. The icon for the variable start point will not show on the map but the bounding box will show. We should see the variable start point icon. Issue-087-SE32-Variable-Start-Points-do-not-show-on-creation.pdf
  7. Issue Information Issue ID #000057 Issue Type Issue Severity 0 - None Assigned Status 10 - Confirmed Version 2009.097 Fixed in GE - Fix formation station-keepingPosted by TonyE on 02 October 2013 - 11:13 AM The inability of group members to properly keep their stations in formation is a long-standing and well-known issue. Time to take another look at it and see what can be done. To investigate: * Station keeping in groups that have paths defined in the SE and remain untouched in the GE. * Station keeping in groups with no path and speed set. * Station keeping in groups that are moving at Flank speed. * Station keeping in groups at 5kts/creep. * Station keeping in groups that are composed of units split from other groups. * Station keeping in groups that are the result of joining multiple groups together. Issue-57-GE-Fix-formation-station-keeping.pdf
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