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Found 8 results

  1. During landing of Air Group, AC get locked up and all planes will not land. Group FiA landing at captured base Fuzhou, China (CHa) only will land 4 planes. ! plane will never land in game. The same thing has happened on Carrier Group AEC. Air Groups F1A, IvA, G0A, HXA, AaA, and EtA. This situation occurs if you exceed the # of runways the base or carrier is rated for. I attempted to create the same issue in a small test scenario and wasn't able to duplicate the issue. TonyD and I have both sen this issue. He brought it to my attention. Attached is a saved game 1 second before the air group lands. If any additional saved games are needed, please let me know. Air group EzAis also stuck in the same state landing at base FiA. Attached are saved game 1 second before air group lands. GE and SE log files. Copy of the db used for this game. AC Locking Up During Landing.zip
  2. Text in the Message Log and the Unit banner very light text are hard to read. The text is very light.
  3. During aircraft operations TonyD and I are receiving this message. If you ignore the message the GE doesn't crash. TonyD found that it occurs with multiple db's. At this point neither TonyD or I have found it affects game play.
  4. While playing my scenario receive message that all Victory Conditions met at same time. Looking at the Victory Conditions in the SE it appears none of them have been met. I have included 2 saved games to make sure I got the right one. Unit ID Test 1-79.0009.hpq Unit ID Test 1-79.0010.hpq
  5. After capturing bases some of the text on base is jumbled up and unreadable. It looks like the text is on top of each other in the Unit Window. In my game I have turned over4 bases. The text on 2 of them is OK. The other 2 are jumbled up. I am not sure if the GE is causing the issue or Turncoat. I will try a smaller scenario and see if the same thing happens. You will need to use my fictional db. The Ugly The Good Unit ID Test 1-71.zip
  6. When attacking a ship with guns the number of rounds the GE selects to destroy a target is much larger than what is really required to sink target. Attached is a test scenario based on my fictional db. Issue verified by TonyE TonyE Note: AttackDoctrineWithRisk uses the AllocateRounds logic which is meant for missiles (which can be shot down), not for guns. Guns Test.scq
  7. During game play shortly after missiles hitting AD units close to blue base Yelizovo, Russia GE crashed. Blue side destroyed Red base Yelizovo, Russia. Used Turncoat dll to turn base blue. Just after 25 seconds of play the GE crashed. This crash has occurred multiple times at the same time. I have included the last 3 seconds of play game time, GE Log and the latest edition of my db. Please let me know if any additional info is needed. GE2021.012 Crash.zip
  8. A user from the Great White North, recently returned to the game is experiencing memory corruption in the original USNI BattleSet, Scenario 5.0. He has experienced this both in 2020.009 and 2020.017. Some saved games are attached. I have tested extensively using AutoTest and have not replicated either issue (game exiting with heap corruption error [USNI5.zip] nor game exiting without any warning [NoErrorCrash.zip]). Right after the USNI5.zip saves a Slava is sunk but does not trigger a crash for me. The user has mentioned doing a lot of air group splitting and joining while playing. I view that as a valuable hint as very few players exercise that functionality and it is an area of the game prone to bugs. The latest hint is that the crash may occur when an air group is landing, perhaps an hour of play after the USNI5.zip saves when loading from the saves. Any help narrowing down these crashes is greatly appreciated! USNI5.zip NoErrorCrash.zip
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